Performance Enhancement Conversions, Modifications & Power Upgrades Stage 1 Conversion

Stage 1 Conversion
Still Best Bang per Buck!

Stage 1 conversion pricing options available at the SAC branch near you

No matter how you slice and dice it, a Stage 1 conversion or performance upgrade is still the best value for money decision you can make when looking for some extra urge or drivability for your car, leisure vehicle, SUV or bakkie.

It makes no difference if your vehicle is petrol or diesel powered, not only will you gain an improvement in throttle response that you can actually feel thanks to the increase in low down torque and extra horsepower on tap throughout the rev range, there will also in most cases be a noticeable improvement in fuel consumption too.

A Stage 1 conversion for a petrol driven vehicle basically consists of the fitting of a performance air filter, performance free flow exhaust and performance branch along with a UniChip, Uni Q Chip or Plug Play module to map the engine to perfection.

On the diesels the same recipe is followed minus the performance branch to ensure that you get the best from your vehicle.
All Stage 1 conversions can be done in a single day, so no long down time without your vehicle and it involves no stripping or opening up of the engine.

Contact one of our sales consultants and be prepared to be amazed at what can be achieved for so little.

Popular performance conversions at Steve’s Auto Clinic (for up to 30% more power)

Conversions Stage 1

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Conversions Stage 1

Just Plug it in & start Playing…

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Conversions Stage 1


The Unichip is a programmable engine management system which allows fuel and ignition parameters to be altered through a vehicle’s standard Engine Control unit (ECU)..

Conversions Stage 1

Just Plug it in and start Playing – The U-Connect Power Plug simply plugs into the vehicles standard ECU..