Choosing the best performance chip for your car, suv or bakkie

Why you should consider fitting a Unichip

You don’t have to be an engineer to admire the technology and engineering on your bakkie, SUV or car.

Compared to previous generation vehicles, modern petrol and turbo diesel engines deliver more power, while using less fuel and requiring less frequent visits to your Steves Auto Clinic service centre.

But we all know that there is a lot more power lurking below the engine cover. This additional power is normally left unused by manufacturers who are planning future engine upgrades or who are building an engine for the average user and do not want to use the entire available power reserve.

Unichip vs other chips


In modern engines you can release the extra power lurking in your engine by simply removing any restriction and increasing fuel pressure as many engine upgrade and performance chips promise. But because there is no control over the power delivery and no localised testing, this power boost often leads to higher operating temperatures, deteriorating fuel consumption and ultimately to engine damage.

Most advanced engine management chip

Enter Unichip, the world’s most advanced engine management chip. In contrast to other performance chips that feature a handful of resistors that change the fuel pressure and other engine signals, the Unichip is a full blown engine management computer that is fitted between your vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) and the various electronic controls. A Unichip receives, interprets and controls a large number of engine signals to ensure that the extra power delivery does not come at the cost of your engine durability.

Stephen Fischer, CEO of SAC Holdings, explains: “The Unichip can model engine performance in three dimensions, which means that we can map fuel pressure against engine load and temperature, all at the same time. The more than 50 available engine map combinations allows us to control engine performance, while ensuring the durability of all of the mechanical components.”

This performance chip is proudly South African

With so much tuning power, the Unichip has become the de facto performance chip in many countries and every month Unichip’s manufacturing facility in South Africa ships these programmable computers to over 60 countries. More than 250 000 units have already found satisfied owners across the world.

Steves Auto Clinic has been part of the Unichip journey since its inception and it works closely with the team from Dastek Power, that manufacturers plug-and-play wiring harnesses, and Unichip to design unique performance maps for different types of vehicles.

“With over 30 years of servicing and repair experience, our technicians know how every type of engine and drivetrain works and we consider mechanical fatigue and design quirks of a vehicle when we programme and test performance maps. This means that you will never find a one-size-fits all chip at Steves Auto Clinic, even though the Unichip does not cost you a lot more money than these generic performance chips.”

Take turbo-diesel bakkies as an example. At Steves Auto Clinic the Unichip you select for your Toyota Hilux will be completely different to the one you select for your Ford Ranger, with both giving impressive power increases, while ensuring a long life from the engine.

What is more: With the power of the new Unichip Q4 SAC will programme several maps onto one Unichip, giving you a choice of power maps for different driving conditions. Going off road? We have a map that gives you more accurate throttle control, specific gear changing patterns on an auto model and lots and lots of low-end torque for technical rock crawling. Heading back home on the highway? There is a map that gives you a greater on-road performance, while considering engine temperatures and fuel pressure.

There are many more benefits to fitting a Unichip, such as its unique temperature control algorithms and the option of fitting speed control when your employees or teenager takes the car out for a spin, but it is best left to our trained technicians at your local Steves Auto Clinic to tell you more, so pop in and ask them about the range of Unichip fitment options.

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