Wow, what an experience!

That’s right, this is exactly what we expect you to say or feel once you have experienced our industry leading level of customer service we offer within Steves Auto Clinic. This is not just talk; it is our commitment to you and what you should experience within all facets of our business. Steves Auto Clinic has the edge, we are a passionate, owner run, business that is 100% geared towards a hands on approach that is simply not available anywhere else. So what are we talking about when we say we offer you a superior customer experience? It starts with our comprehensive website. There is everything you need to know about the service, repairs, tuning, power upgrade options, accessories, etc. for your Harley-Davidson, right down to an easy to use enquiry form for you to make first contact with our workshop. If you want to know something, you will find it here long before we contact you and expect a properly and comprehensively answered email in your inbox should you have made an enquiry via our website.

You have been served by the best using the best, but your time with us is not over, expect a courtesy call in a day or two’s time to ensure all is right with your bike and that your experience when dealing with us is what you expected. If all was as you expected then we hope that we have made not just another customer but a friend for life. Should something not have gone as you expected, then we are also very proud of the fact that we resolve and correct the odd problem that can and does occasionally crop up quickly and efficiently. So the class leading service you expect and pay for at Steves Auto Clinic and the superior customer experience you get is not only as a result of us investing in proper facilities, convenience items, and the latest state of the art equipment, it is because you are our number one priority. Kind Regards,