Unichip Functions

Why Choose Unichip And SAC

Now more than ever in this electronic age of ours, the market is being flooded with suppliers that are offering cheap chip tuning along with unbelievable claims of power and torque increases. We say suppliers as many of these ‘tuners’ don’t even operate out of a workshop, but from their houses or offices and are armed with nothing more than a laptop.

We can also say ‘unbelievable’ because in the decades we have been in the performance tuning business we would like to think we have almost seen it all and most of the claims you read about nowadays are not realistic or even possible in an everyday reliable type of way via chip tuning alone.

We discuss the topics of Reliable Power , Choosing The Best Workshop , Choose The Right Performance Upgrade For Your Vehicle , to Tuning With Unbeatable Technology to name only a few at length on our website, but to help you understand this tricky subject a bit better, and to allow you to also understand why dealing with SAC is the only move you should make, we have posted a few questions and answers here that you must ask any tuner or workshop before you allow them to work on your vehicle.

1. How long have you been in business?

  • SAC celebrates 30 years in the performance enhancement business in 2013. This means we have built up a wealth of experience over the years and are the masters at adapting to an ever changing industry in order to remain the leaders.

2. Who will be working on my vehicle?

  • SAC only employ the most highly skilled technicians that are constantly upgraded with the latest methods and tuning techniques.

3. What equipment do you use?

  • SAC makes use of the latest state of the art workshop tools, diagnostic equipment and all our branches are equipped with dynamometers to accurately measure your vehicles before and after power gains. No installing a mapped chip on your car and then guessing that it must be working.

4. Do you have any experience on my particular vehicle?

  • We have experience on a massive range of vehicles and SAC is the only independent workshop group in the country to have a dedicated Research and Development Centre, so you can be assured that before we offer you a product we have thoroughly tried and tested it first.

5. Do you have any proof of the claimed power improvement or any references I can use to confirm this?

  • Again at SAC, we don’t just rely on talk to sell our products, we are one of the few workshops that have our own development vehicles, and these vehicles are then independently road tested to bring you the real deal when it comes to knowing exactly what you will getting when dealing with us. But if you can’t find the road test you are looking for on our website, then our salesmen will be happy to supply you with a few names and numbers of satisfied customers to contact.

6. Do you offer a warranty on your products and workmanship?

  • All the work at SAC is not only AA Quality Assured, but we also offer a 6 Month / 20 000 km Why Worry Warranty free of charge.

7. What happens if something goes wrong?

  • Well besides the Why Worry Warranty we have in place, we have branches situated all over the country, so we should be in a position to get you going again as soon as possible in the unlikely event something does go wrong.

8. So why Unichip then?

  • Do your homework well: Unichip vs. other performance chips on the market.
  • Unichip is a locally developed product that is being used all over the world with great success as it allows the tuner to properly and accurately control/change the fuel, timing, boost, speed limiters and other parameters of your vehicle in real time on the dyno.
  • Real time is the most important part as we have very unique altitude and weather issues in South Africa, from high altitude to low altitude the next moment, and from freezing cold in the morning to hot in the afternoon. Conditions that affect the way your vehicle will perform.
  • Fuel is also very important; we have a lower grade of fuel available at the petrol pumps in 93 and 95 octane only, than what you can get in Europe, where 98 octane is readily available and so is 102 octane at certain fuel stations. Overseas based tuning maps often don’t and can’t take into account the massive difference this makes when tuning a car for SA. Many cars in SA are over tuned as a result and the owners have to resort to using expensive fuel octane boosters and / or water meth injection kits to try and keep their car’s engines together.
  • Unichip also offers you the convenience and versatility of having a multiple map option, depending on the Unichip you fit. You can have your vehicle tuned for everyday fuel economy and then also have it set up for towing, or outright performance on say the drag strip.
  • Unichip is able to be moved from one vehicle to another either petrol OR diesel via the workshop, or depending on the Unichip fitted, you can even simply plug it out and refit where and when you want as one of our Plug and Play units.

The bottom line with tuning and chip tuning in particular, is that if it is sounds too good to be true, then it probably is and you should really shop around before you turn your vehicle into something that you can’t live with on a daily basis or even worse, risk a costly engine failure!