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SAC Performance Engineers unleash The Beast hidden in the Land Cruiser 200 VX turbo-diesel

 We all know the guy. On the surface he appears calm and collected, but rub him up the wrong way and you see the sparks fly.


At Steves Auto Clinic we have always suspected that the 4.5 D-4D V8 turbo diesel engine that hides under the bulging bonnet of the Land Cruiser VX200 fits this psychological profile. Surely there must be more to this imposing off-roader than the 173 kW and 615 Nm that the engine is rated for when it leaves the factory in Japan! It is after all fitted with two turbos, so power should be no problem.

New SAC upgrades for the Toyota Hilux and Fortuner offers truckloads of power and anti-theft option

Two things can be said of the Toyota Hilux and Fortuner 3.0 D-4D engine: its durability and reliability is well proven after 10 years on the market and its once-impressive performance figures are now overshadowed by its competitors.
The 3.0 D-4D engine (or D4D in many people’s references to the engine) is one of the most popular engines in the SAC Performance Centres. Customers bring their Hilux or Fortuner 3.0 D-4D engines to SAC because they know that SAC has improved the performance on hundreds of these engines and because they know that SAC has continued with the testing and development of engine upgrades for the D4D.

SAC PLUG AND PLAY – Toyota Land Cruiser 70

Toyota’s ever hardy Land Cruiser 70 Series was given a new lease on life recently and is said to now be the new torque king of 4WD vehicles thanks to the fitment of a potent new 4.5 litre 32-valve V8 turbodiesel engine with common-rail direct injection and intercooler.
The three Land Cruiser 70 Series models – the 76 Station Wagon, the 79 Single Cab and the 79 Double Cab – all now run this powerplant that delivers an impressive 151 kW of power at 3 400 rpm and 430 Nm of torque from as low as 1 200 rpm that is held all the way to 3 200 rpm.

SAC Have Toyota FJ Cruiser Performance Options Already!

Toyota is responding to the needs of a new generation of buyers by introducing the FJ Cruiser, a modern interpretation of a Toyota classic…

Toyota’s FJ Cruiser Gets the SAC Stage 1 Treatment

Applying one of our tried and tested Stage 1 upgrades to the legendary 4.0 litre Toyota V6 petrol engine, our team at Steves Auto Clinic have been able to make decent improvements in power and torque to an already impressive standard package.

“Bruiser Cruiser”
Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series

Adventurer, 4x4er, author, film-maker . . . Andrew White is a man of many talents, but he only uses one service provider when it comes to looking after his precious Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series.
White’s wagon is packed with all kinds of heavyweight equipment and exterior add-ons, so it is no wonder he came to SAC for help as the performance went down and the consumption went up.
His 4,5-litre petrol wagon now sports a big valve cylinder head, a re-profiled inlet camshaft, and a Unichip piggy-back computer to manage the modified engine.
An important part of the brief was not to sacrifice low-down torque in pursuit of top-end power.
The Cruiser will appear prominently in a series of ‘how-to’ and ‘where-to’ 4x4ing videos on television.

Toyota Land Cruiser pick-up

Toyota’s Land Cruiser pick-up is hardly a ball of fire – which may explain why a new engine conversion devised by Dastek Power and available through SAC outlets in kitform is already proving so popular.
The kit adds a turbocharger to the 4.2-litre normally-aspirated diesel, pumping power output up by some 30 percent – without breaking the bank.
This has been achieved by limiting turbo boost to around five pounds, which means there is no need for an intercooler.
Also, the original exhaust manifold is retained, with the plumbing for the Garrett GT22 turbine taking place in the front section of the exhaust.
Because of the engine’s mechanical injection system, no piggypack computer is fitted, with the set-up being optimised on a dynamometer mechanically.

SAC Supercharged Toyota Fortuner Put To The Test

Supercharged Toyota Fortuner

Some time ago the team from Steves Auto Clinic brought you information about the genuine Toyota Racing Developments Supercharger kits that they are bringing into South Africa and are fitting them to Toyotas with 4.0 V6 petrol engines, from Fortuner to Hilux to Land Cruiser… – Read more…

Supercharged Power for your Toyota 4.0 V6

Toyota TRD Supercharger

For some, a maximum power output of 175 kW at 5 200 rpm and maximum torque of 376 Nm at 3 800 rpm is just not enough from their 4.0 V6 Toyota… – Read more…

Toyota Hilux & Fortuner 4.0 V6 high power bruisers!

Hilux & Fortuner 4.0 Conversion

Own a Toyota Hilux or Fortuner 4.0 V6 high power bruiser?
Then read on to find out how we can easily give you even more power and improved fuel economy if that is what you want! – Read more…

SAC Modifies the “Master of Africa”


What's New - Toyota

Some time ago the team from Steves Auto Clinic brought you information about the genuine Toyota Racing Developments Supercharger kits that they are bringing into South Africa and are fitting them to Toyotas with 4.0 V6 petrol engines, from Fortuner to Hilux to Land Cruiser… – Read more…

Turbo Power for Toyota’s Rugged Land Cruiser 4.2L

What's New - Toyota

Toyota’s Land Cruiser is arguably the most respected go anywhere vehicle on and off the road today, and when you combine this quality with the expertise of the country’s leading petrol and diesel performance enhancement specialists, Steves Auto Clinic, the outcome can only be described as phenomenal…
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The SAC “Battle Cruiser”



What's New - Toyota

6 Cylinder Land-cruiser engines produce plenty of power and torque. There are a number of different 6 cylinder engine specs, ranging from roughly 85kw to 165kw. All the Land-cruiser wagons and pick-ups are heavy and usually full of accessories so the aero dynamics and weight end up consuming the energy that they produce.

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U-Connect for Toyota HiLux & Fortuner 2.5 & 3.0 D4D

What's New - Toyota

The U-Connect – Power Plug is a piggyback microcomputer which works in conjunction with the Engine Management System (EMS), in order that improvements in engine efficiency, power and fuel consumption can be realized…
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SAC Toyota Hilux 2×4 2,5 D4D



What's New - Toyota

Steves Auto Clinic has come up with a solution for those in need of more power from the 2,5-litre D4D powerplant fitted to the latest Toyota Hilux, and also to a number of Quantum models…
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Conversions to the Toyota Hilux Legend 35 range

What's New - Toyota

The Hilux 2700i petrol & 3,0 KZ-TE models are just two vehicles that over the years have benefited from SAC’s approach of seeking to improve performance and driveability without negatively affecting reliability or fuel consumption.

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Toyota Hilux 2.7 VVT-i Upgrades


What's New - Toyota

This is one of the most popular bakkies on our roads today, and if you own one, there is every chance that you are looking for a bit more under your right foot…

SAC Toyota Fortuner / Hilux 3.0 D4D


What's New - Toyota

Toyota’s Hilux has been by far one of South Africa’s bakkies, and the new model generation continues this trend.
And as you already know, Steves Auto Clinic has had performance upgrades available for this vehicle, petrol and diesel; from the day they hit the road…

More Power & Torque for Toyota Hilux Bakkies


What's New - Toyota

Research and development is ongoing at SAC, it was a natural progression to do something for the new level Hi-Lux range.
A completely refined Hi-Lux which is leaps and bounds better than the rest gets even better….

Land Cruiser 200 V8 Turbo Diesel Gets U-Connect Upgrade


What's New - Toyota

The Land Cruiser V8 diesel has been enhanced by the guys at Steves Auto Clinic.
The U-Connect provides an extra 20% in power and torque, and you can be assured that not only does your SUV now have the capability to achieve a level of fuel economy that might embarrass a large sedan owner, it might just give them a hard time from the lights too.

Contact Steves Auto Clinic about dyno tuning for the following Toyota Land Cruiser models:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser 4.0 V6 70 Series
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 4.2D
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 Efi
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 4.7