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Isuzu KB240, KB250 & KB300 D-TEQ Power Upgrade

The all new 6th Generation Isuzu KB has a bigger bolder look, with smooth and well-proportioned styling.
The vehicle’s wedge shaped profile imparts a muscular and sporty expression while at the same time providing a distinct aerodynamic advantage.

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U-Connect for the Isuzu KB250 & KB300 D-TEQ

With the U-Connect, all the changes occur within this unit and are electrically communicated to your vehicle’s engine control system.
No changes are made within the OEM computer, and thus all the engine safety parameters as set by the manufacturer remain in place…

SAC Isuzu KB 300 D-TEQ

What's New - Isuzu

The Isuzu name has been linked to diesel engine technology for over 70 years and as such, these pioneers are ranked amongst the world’s largest producers of diesel engines.And just as these pioneers continue to break ground, so do the performance tuners at Steves Auto Clinic who themselves celebrate their 25th year as South Africa’s foremost aftermarket performance enhancers…

What's New - Isuzu
It has taken a while but eventually we have been able to beat the technology on the KB 350 Isuzu.
The standard speed limiter was more irritating than safe and more so if it had a extra 20 kW or so on tap.
The full house KB 350 conversion consists of:
· Gasflowed cylinder heads with bigger intake valves
· Mildly changed camshafts
· Unichip Programmable Computer
· Speed Limiter Removal
· Wildcat Branch
· Free Flow exhaust system
· Sportflo replacement air filter
· Air box modification with a venturie
All this equates to a additional +- 25 % more power and torque. P.S. The speed limit removal should only be done if accompanied by properly rated high performance tyres.