Rugged SAC Ford Ranger Gets a Power Boost – Ford Ranger power upgrades

Ford’s new Ranger is the bakkie that has taken the fight to the competition in just a few short years with more and more of these vehicles finding their way onto our roads. Packed full of smart technology and high standards of quality and comfort, the Ford Ranger also runs a powerful 3.2 litre turbodiesel powerplant.

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There are absolutely no negatives or dangers to having a SAC ECU Software Upgrade done and you not only get a vehicle that can tow easier, is more fun to drive on a daily basis, but also, none of this is done at the expense of fuel consumption, while you benefit from our more than 30 years in the tuning business.

With a variety of performance upgrades available, we will surely be able to assist you.

Unichip for the Ford Ranger 3.0 TDCi

With the U-Connect, all the changes occur within this unit and are electrically communicated to your vehicle’s engine control system.
The U-Connect unit comes as a complete stand-alone product, complete with a wiring harness that plugs directly into the OEM ECU via connectors that are perfectly matched to the factory connectors on your vehicle.
No changes are made within the OEM computer, and thus all the engine safety parameters as set by the manufacturer remain in place…


 SAC Ford Ranger “Power Packaged”

What's New - Ford

Ford’s range of lifestyle and workhorse bakkies have always enjoyed good market success, and as such have found themselves in happy homes and businesses all over the country.
And this is a trend that is set to continue with the introduction of the latest Ford Ranger models onto our roads…

SAC Ford Ranger Montana Supercab 4X2 2.5 TD

What's New - Ford

Ford have made their trusty Ranger even more attractive to the market with keen pricing and the addition of a dressed up Montana version.
Now, master tuners, Steves Auto Clinic, have gone and made it simply irresistible with one of their legendary power upgrades…

Extra Power on tap for the 4L V6 Ford


What's New - Ford

As usual, our ongoing development effort and passion to be and remain the leaders in the “performance enhancement” industry has unveiled yet another innovation.
This time the V6 4 L Ford came back into the workshop for its revised muscle make-over..

SAC Ford Focus ST

What's New - Ford

Ford’s Focus ST has proved to be extremely popular amongst performance enthusiasts over the years.
Most recently Ford SA decided to cosmetically freshen up this model, but leaving the tried and tested 2.5 litre 5-cylinder turbocharged powertrain as it has always been…

Now we’re trucking – Ford F250

SAC franchise holders walk the performance talk, and here’s another example of how true that is: SAC Nelspruit, through a process of research and development, has identified the cause of the Ford F250’s performance woes. Despite a massive 4,2 litre six cylinder turbodiesel with a claimed 136 kW/500 Nm, F250 customers have complained of a lack of power. Bossau Boshoff and his team set to work and in a relatively short space of time they discovered the cause: the mechanical diesel pump is not advancing the fuel timing sufficiently – a problem similar to that encountered with mechanically – operated pumps on the likes of the Isuzu KB and Mazda Drifter in the past. The result: no top end power and the possibility of long-term engine damage due to ignition taking place in the exhaust port and manifold. “We can correct this problem but we are being held back by certain warranty issues on these vehicles,” says Bossau. “With our modification the F250 can be much more driveable and have improved top end, fulfilling its potential to be the ideal tow vehicle!”
Contact SAC Nelspruit on 013 753 3750 for more information.



What's New - Ford

The Ford F250 gets some real go thanks to SAC Nelspruit.