Volkswagen Amarok Performance Enhancement Options: Plug & Play, Bolt on Free Flow Exhaust, ECU Remapping.

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Smoother Option

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles expanded its range of vehicles with the introduction of an innovative eight-speed automatic. This new transmission system combines a high degree of ride comfort and good off-road abilities with excellent level of fuel consumption for a modern day era.

The Amarok is the first bakkie in its class to have a transmission system of this kind. The development emphasis was on efficiency, smooth gear shifting, weight reduction and reliability.


The eight-speed automatic transmission uses a torque converter. This allows for better response at low speeds and less resistance to slip than a DSG transmission and these are key factors during off road driving and towing. Contact the SAC Branch near you for VW Amarok Upgrade options.

Power and Torque increase for the Volkswagen Amarok

VW Amarok Power UpgradeThe new automatic transmission is combined with a 132 kW 2.0 litre Bi-Turbo TDI engine. It has a maximum torque of 420 Nm that is available at 1 750 rpm. The top speed of 179 km/h is said to be reached in 7th gear and the Amarok takes only 10.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h it is claimed. Contact the SAC Branch near you for an increase in Power and Torque on the VW Amarok.

VW Amarok Upgrade Options

But as always there is more to be had and here at SAC we can offer you a simple and efficient U-Connect Plug & Play solution that sees an excellent 15 to 17% increase in power. The U-Connect Plug & Play unit simply plugs into the vehicles standard ECU Connectors without cutting the original wiring.

Volkswage Amarok Power Torque IncreaseYou simply unplug the original ECU wiring and install this system between the male and female plugs. All the necessary original male and female plugs are included in the harness and you can remove and refit the unit as often as you want as once it is removed, no footprint or trace of the original installation is left behind in the ECU.

The U-Connect Plug & Play unit has been programmed specifically to enhance your vehicle’s performance under the tough and unique SA conditions and takes into consideration all relevant altitude and temperature factors.

And if you want even more, you can opt for an entry level, mild steel over the counter type performance free flow exhaust system, to a full stainless steel bespoke performance offering to add even more power. Click here to contact the SAC branch nearest you as we offer you the best deals on power upgrades on VW’s Amarok.


Free Flow Exhaust

Ask our professional sales team about adding an free flow exhaust for extra power.