Standard Volkswagen Amarok TDI Biturbo Road Tested
As we reported on a few weeks ago, we have a new Volkswagen Amarok TDI Biturbo 4MOTION all-wheel drive in our SAC Research & Development centre that is currently undergoing some on and off-road performance enhancing by our team.
Our VW Amarok 4MOTION all-wheel drive has covered over 3 000 km already in the interest of getting to grips with exactly what it is like to own and drive one of these new generation of bakkies under various on and off-road conditions and loads.
So far we are impressed with the average fuel consumption that seems to hover around the 9.0 litres / 100 km/h mark and the general day to day drive, but we are not so impressed with the hill climbing and serious load carrying ability of this new offering from VW.
Although the Amarok makes 120 kW at 4 000 rpm and 400 Nm between 1 500 and 2 000 rpm and is claimed to get to 100 km/h in 10.8 seconds for the 4×2, and is said to go onto a top speed of 182 km/h.
Impressive on paper, but when compared to its 3.0 litre rivals that have more torque available over a longer rev range and especially around the 3,000 plus rpm mark, the Amarok can be left wanting against the likes of Toyota’s Hilux and Ford’s Ranger etc.
Our test results show this as the 100 km/h sprint is done in a full 12.75 seconds with top speed being spot on at 181.32 km/h true with the speedo reading 191 km/h.
Certainly leaving us with some scope to extract a little extra from the Amarok.
At this stage we have only gone with the fitment of a SAC PowerPlug, and have seen safe gains of around 20 kW and 30 Nm.
But the biggest plus for us so far is that our initial feeling is that the Amarok now is able to climb and lug loads a whole lot easier than when in standard trim and it uses no extra fuel doing so.
Of course the measured speed distances have improved too, but since we are still developing the Amarok package further in terms of a full bore performance exhaust system and perhaps even an airbox mod, we have not had these claims independently tested yet as we always do.
But we will and we will be bringing you that data too.
But for now you can contact a SAC branch near you by clicking here, and a sales consultant will be able to advise you as to exactly which route to take when wanting more from your Amarok.
Keep checking this space, as the next plan of the project is to complete the development and put our better Amarok against the clock…
Amarok Performance Data
0 – 60 km/h: 5.50 secs
0 – 120 km/h: 18.65 secs
0 – 80 km/h: 8.71 secs
0 – 140 km/h: 26.63 secs
0 – 100 km/h: 12.75 secs
¼ Mile Time: 18.69 secs 1km Time: 34.30 secs
¼ Mile Speed: 120.13 km/h 1km Speed: 150.09 km/h
60-100 km/h (3rd): 7.63 secs 80-120 km/h (4th): 11.12 secs
60-100 km/h (4th): 9.03 secs 80-120 km/h (5th): 14.20 secs
True Top Speed: 181.32 km/h