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When you think of taking your Volkswagen in for a service, are you actually aware that there are three different types of service packages that our Volkswagen service center in Kyalami has to offer?

Yes, due to our years of expertise we offer from basic service packages to full service packages and everything in between. In fact, our Volkswagen service center in Kyalami is known to be one of the most well known in the area due to our excellent service record, our extended list of available services and the precision that we perform our work with.
Volkswagen service centre in Kyalami
Regarding our maintenance service packages we offer at our Volkswagen service center in Kyalami, we aim to please every walk of life with their every need while also considering their budget. Here is what we offer our clients with our different service packages:

vw-service-centre-peOur Volkswagen service center in Kyalami’s basic maintenance and service package:

We start by changing the engine’s oil and air filter, check the brake fluid level and color thereof, check the power steering fluid level, check the windscreen washer level, check the tire pressure, check coolant level and make sure that all lights are working properly. Surprising to say is that even our Volkswagen service center in Kyalami’s basic service package far surpasses the expectations of our clients as they are used to receiving much less for the same service charge from any other establishment.

Our intermediate service consists of the inspection of the vehicle for scratches and other damaged areas that we will give you an option of fixing, inspecting the warning lights on your dashboard for proper functioning, checking all the lights, checking the hooter, wiper function and the quality of the wiper blades, checking all the pedals, lubricating all latches and hinges, checking all fluids including brake fluid, hydraulic fluid and window washer fluids, checking the battery and its terminals, checking the cooling system, inspecting the fan belt, inspecting the cam belt and also including all the above tasks as set out in our basic service.

Our full service package done at our Volkswagen service center in Kyalami includes the checking, testing and fixing/replacement of every single detail in the vehicle’s engine and including vital aspects such as brake pads, distributor, points, timing, cable routing under the vehicle, checking the Dyna as well as performing full tests on compression, suppressors and routing.

Once we have performed our service packages, you will be sure to feel the difference between the vehicle that you brought in and the one that you drive out from our Volkswagen service center in Kyalami. Phone our offices today for any queries and the booking of your next service at our reputable branches nationwide.