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Steve’s Auto Clinic has been deemed one of the most reputable Volkswagen service centres in Port Elizabeth and provide vital performance enhancement for all types of vehicles. We introduced innovative power upgrade options after a year of testing, designing and improving our already advanced performance enhancement methods to bring you the most innovative and performance upgrade guaranteed to give only the best results.

vw-service-centre-peOne must be able to spot the difference though between a reputable Volkswagen service centre in Port Elizabeth and an everyday run of the mill service provider as this would mean the difference between performance increase and actual decrease of your prized Volkswagen .
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By asking yourself (or the company) the following questions, you would be able to determine whether or not they are able to perform competently.

How many reliable sources can give testimony to their superior performance upgrade packages?
Have these packages been independently and thoroughly tested and found to adhere to all the strict measures?
Will the chip tuning process interfere with your vehicle’s long-term performance?
Will your Volkswagen perform at the same level under different climatic conditions?
Steve’s Auto Clinic is a Volkswagen service centre in Port Elizabeth that can assist you

We will be able to sufficiently answer all your queries and put your mind at ease and the above is only possible due to the roughly 20 years of service excellence and experience throughout the automotive industry.

We also make use of the latest technology in chip tuning for your Volkswagen by means of a power plug, ECU and piggy back computer to download, enhance and replace all engine management data as stored on the engine’s memory chip. This is done at the Volkswagen service centre in Port Elizabeth without the need for removal of any part or any tools and welding machines and does in no way interfere with the warranty of the vehicle.

Our chip tuning procedures have become widely popular and discussed due to the vast and measurable increase in torque, power, fuel efficiency and driveability that our services are able to offer. So when you are next looking to add extra energy to your engine, phone Steve’s Auto Clinic, the most sought after Volkswagen service centres in Port Elizabeth .