Are you in search of a sought after Volkswagen service center in Centurion?

Give our reputable Volkswagen service center in Centurion a call.

Steve’s Auto Clinic’s countrywide service center branches including our Volkswagen service center in Centurion has not been voted South Africa’s leading petrol and diesel performance specialists for no reason. Here are a few of our services that we offer our clients that far surpass the services of our competitors:

  • Automotive maintenance.
  • Automotive repairs.
  • Automotive service packages.
  • Electrical, electronic and mechanical repairs to petrol and diesel vehicles of any make or model.
  • Volkswagen service centre in Centurion
  • Total engine rebuilding.
  • Turbo repairs or replacement.
  • Gearbox repairs.
  • Engine protection units.
  • Fuel injector refurbishing/ replacing.
  • Catalytic converters.
  • Wildcat performance exhausts.
  • Performance air filters.
  • Custom air filter design.
  • Sportflo accessories

vw-service-centre-peOur Volkswagen service center in Centurion is able to both service all older models of Volkswagen as well as the newest and most state of the art models such as the VW Amarok where we focus on Power enhancement conversions thereof. This is due to the fact that the VW Amarok, already designed for excellent power, performance and luxury, has so much more to offer due to our ability to further enhance its innovative features. We do this by offering different performance enhancement packages, parts and accessories listed below to therefore improve your driving experience in this quality vehicle:

  • Volkswagen performance service packages.
  • Engine rebuilding.
  • Turbo repairs/replacement.
  • Engine protection units.
  • Fuel injector refurbishing.
  • Performance air filter custom designing.
  • Sportflo packages.
  • Koni shock absorber packages.
  • Performance valves.
  • Racing and custom valves.
  • Ferodo racing brake pads.
  • Racing brake fluids.
  • Unichip Tuning Chips.
  • U-connect plug n play.
  • Performance cylinder heads.
  • Performance intercoolers.
    As well as being able to satisfy every performance enthusiast’s dream, our team at our Volkswagen service center in Centurion offers three different maintenance and service packages as your needs and budget see fit. One of our additional services is the very vital aspects of preventative maintenance, where we can point out all the areas of danger or concern in and around your vehicle and schedule repairs, maintenance or refurbishing thereof according to your capabilities.

We can safely and proudly say that our Volkswagen service center in Centurion is far above any other service provider in the area due to our diligence in being very thorough, very professional, cost effective and always there for any queries, questions and assistance. Phone our Volkswagen service center in Centurion today to see for yourself how we can improve your experience as well as the quality of your Volkswagen