Vehicle performance tuning is nothing new

Whether you are at a braai or simply chatting with friends, it usually does not take long for the conversation to turn to your vehicle and certainly its performance.

But why should a topic like this be such a popular discussion?

The answer is easy – we love cars! We love speed and power, and most of us would like to have the best performing car on the block. Vehicles have become an extension of our personalities and too right, other than your house, it will possibly be your most expensive possession.

Vehicle enhancement has a history as long as that of the automobile itself. It started with the early development of racing cars and continued with the hot-rod era after the war.

Engine tuning is an adjustment, modification of the internal combustion engine, or manipulation to its control unit, otherwise known as its ECU (Engine Control Unit). It is adjusted to yield optimal performance, to increase an engine’s power output, economy, or durability.

Today, engine tuning is not only focused on motorsport but has progressed to tailor making your vehicles power output for your specific demands. This could range from towing your caravan to the Kruger National Park or even saving as much fuel on the way to work.

“I’ve got the most power” is a popular statement among many of engine tuners and their marketing campaigns. The fact of the matter is that your car comes from the manufacturer with the potential and capability of so much more.

Why? We have to remember the views of the manufacturer and that they may want to upgrade the engine at some stage, for example, when a facelift model comes out. They also have to comply with stringent emission laws, varying fuel grades, different climates and vastly changing driving styles across the globe.

Bearing in mind, that engine tuning can be as dangerous as it is good. One of the priciest things you can do to your vehicle and your pocket – is to challenge the limits of certain aspects of your engine.

While growing up, we were told “if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is” – this should also be applied to vehicle enhancements.

It is almost guaranteed that engine tuning in the wrong hands, will shorten the lifespan of your vehicle’s engine. If you are to simply plug it in yourself ‘DIY’ and the enhancement product plugs into only one sensor to achieve unrealistic improvements, it could possibly be detrimental to your expensive possession.

As previously mentioned, in most cases, after your house, your car will probably be the most expensive item you possess – treat it as such. Enjoy more power, better fuel economy, sharper responses and make use of your car’s best ability, but always bear in mind, the complete unit has been designed to do what the manufacturer has intended it to do.

An engine designed to put out 150 kilowatts(kW) of power, will not make 500kw without significant changes or modifications. But, one can improve its performance by taking what the manufacturer has sold you and refining the package – refining your package to suit your tailored needs, by tweaking the performance to your desire.

In the 21st century, enhancing your vehicle’s performance at Steves Auto Clinic is similar to purchasing a suit from a major clothing retailer and having it tailored to your personalized requirements.

You have to ensure that the tuning is done by an experienced and skilled tuner, a specialist with a long history.

Choose the proven way, go where thousands have gone before.

Steves Auto Clinic will discuss all the aspects with you. You decide what goal it is that you would like to achieve and why you would like to improve your vehicle.

Steves Auto Clinic will advise you on the options available, that are specially designed for vehicles under warranty – through their vast experience and their close relation to the manufacturer of the Unichip. In addition, their Unichip Plug and Play comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

For more information on engine tuning, contact your nearest Steves Auto Clinic branch.