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Unichip performance

  • Tested Performance
  • Up to 30% more Power


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Automotive Chips / Chip tuning has been around for a number of years now, and is being used more and more on a daily basis, but to say that this technology has evolved is the understatement of the 21st Century.

Tuning with a 13 spanner and a timing light is about as outdated as using any other method of tuning these days that merely allows you to electronically change timing, fuel or boost.

The Uni Q Chip has truly evolved over the past 15 years to become a universal tuning tool that can be wired into almost any vehicle via the existing computer harness or simply plugged in via a specially made harness.

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This specially made harness requires no cutting and soldering of wires to the OEM equipment, but as already stated, now with world class adaptability and functionality.

Would it surprise you to find out that besides the controlling the basics of tuning, this is but only a fraction of what the Uni Q Chip can do.

The Uni Q Chip can also offer the enthusiast functionality like launch control with or without shift light control, intercooler and water injection spray control, full NOS control, drive extra injectors for big horsepower upgrades, electronically control the cams on applicable cars.

With anything else you can think of in between, right down to having five different maps to choose from and control either via a mechanical rotary switch or via your Bluetooth enabled phone?

By the simple turn of a dial or a push of a cell phone button, your everyday drive can turn into a track monster making full use of all the functionality already listed and when required, turn back into a stock standard fuel efficient commuter that will potter through the traffic all day long.

This too applies to your SUV or Bakkie, you can have a map setting that will vastly improve your towing capability, and then be able to switch it back for doing the 9 to 5 school run.

And should you sell your vehicle, the best part is that you don’t lose the investment you have made with your Uni Q Chip, as it is transferable from car to car, with a bit of re-mapping and sorting of course for your new vehicle’s particular parameters.

Uni Q Chips are used in 47 countries around the world as the preferred tuning solution… where ever you find car guys looking to make more power and improve fuel consumption, you’ll find the Uni Q Chip.

Aftermarket manufacturers like APS, Prodrive, Turbonetics, Vortech, Procharger, and Turbo Performance Center among others have selected Unichip as their engine control solution.

So the bottom line is, if you are not tuning your vehicle with a Uni Q Chip you are not unleashing the full potential of your vehicle or making use of the wide range of performance options this powerful tuning tool allows you in being number one on the drag strip or simply having a more drivable car that uses less fuel on the journey to work and back each day.

Can you think of another product that offers you all this?

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 Power upgrades for your Toyota Hilux D4D

Steves Auto Clinic offers a suitable solution for your Toyota Hilux D4D power upgrades. The Unichip U-Connect Plug & Play manufactured by Dastek Power is a top performing performance chip, and is a very popular choice when it comes to power upgrades for the powerful Toyota Hilux D4D.

This performance chip is easily installed, offering instant power enhancement and smoother drivability of your Toyota bakkie. See how the U-Connect Plug & Play has improved the performance of Toyota Hilux vehicles for our customers. Join our list of happy clients today – get your U-Connect Plug & Play installed professionally at a Steves Auto Clinic branch near you – the best option when it comes to power upgrades for your Toyota Hilux D4D.

Unleash your Toyota Fortuner’s full potential with a power upgrade from SAC

Steves Auto Clinic offers Toyota Fortuner enthusiasts an opportunity to unleash the full potential of their Toyota Fortuners. Toyota Fortuner owners can visit a Steves Auto Clinic branch for the best advice and power upgrades available for their beloved vehicles. There are many reasons why luxury vehicle owners resort to power upgrades and performance chips including the obvious increase in power output, better fuel consumption and a smoother driving experience.

The Unichip U-Connect Plug & Play is a pre-programmed device that takes into account South Africa’s weather conditions, climate and road circumstances. It has been designed and developed to get the best performance from your Toyota Fortuner, and guarantees satisfying results. Read more about Toyota Fortuner power upgrades performed by Steves Auto Clinic.

Is your Toyota Land Cruiser in need of a performance / power upgrade?

If you are the owner of a Toyota Land Cruiser, you’re obviously an off-road, high power vehicle lover that wants to get the most out of your favourite ride. More and more Land Cruiser owners are opting for power upgrades and performance chips from Steves Auto Clinic – leading power enhancement specialists.

Performance upgrades is what we do best! At Steves Auto Clinic we believe that each vehicle and model has different requirements and needs, which is why we offer vehicle specific power upgrades for our clients. You will get the most suitable performance conversion for your Toyota Land Cruiser to reach your desired results. Read more about available power upgrades from Steves Auto Clinic for your Toyota Land Cruiser.

More power and better driving ability for your Ford Ranger

The powerful 3.2 litre turbodiesel Ford Ranger is any power-seeking vehicle lover’s dream! But this vehicle too leaves some room for improvement when it comes to power end performance, specifically regarding acceleration times and power output. This is what we at Steves Auto Clinic aims to improve with our power upgrades suitable for Ford Rangers. We can increase your Ford Ranger’s power and torque by up to 17% (which is major in the automotive performance enhancement industry)! Read more about Steves Auto Clinic’s ECU software upgrade and performance chips for your Ford Ranger for a noticeable increase in power and torque.

Chiptuning your trusty Toyota – What are your options?

Do you own a Toyota Hilux, Fortuner or Land Cruiser and considering a power upgrade / chiptuning for your vehicle? At Steves Auto Clinic we specialise in offering suitable performance enhancement solutions for various vehicle models and makes. Chiptuning offers many benefits regarding power and torque increases, better fuel efficiency and smoother drivability.

As chiptuning specialists in South Africa, you will be assisted by a team of vehicle performance enhancement specialists to get the job done as efficiently and professionally as possible. We will advise you on our power upgrade options including chiptuning / performance chips, power cylinder heads, ECU software upgrades and performance exhausts. Get the most out of your Toyota Hilux, Fortuner or Land Cruiser – we guarantee that you will feel the power!

Chiptuning your rugged Ford Ranger – Get more power

The new Ford Ranger has taken South African off-road 4×4 lovers by storm. This rugged but beautiful machine was built to be the leader of the pack, offering a generous power and torque output as is. But as performance enhancement specialists, we believe that there is always room for improvement! Our research and development centre has spent endless hours designing and testing performance chips and power upgrades for specific vehicle models including the powerful Ford Ranger.

Steves Auto Clinic offers suitable Stage 1 conversion for your Ford Ranger that delivers noticeable results when it comes to power and drivability. This ECU software upgrade will give your Ford Ranger the edge you were looking for. Trust our professional team to deliver high quality power upgrades, performance chips and services – we are the leading performance enhancement specialists in South Africa.

Diesel performance chips / diesel chip tuning in South Africa

The Unichip U-Connect Plug & Play is a highly developed and tested piggy back performance chip that simply plugs into your diesel engine’s ECU, without altering the vehicle’s factory settings. Get more power instantly when installing a Unichip U-Connect Plug & Play from Steves Auto Clinic – we have documented power increases of up to 30% and seen satisfying improvements in fuel efficiency.

If your diesel engine is lagging, giving slow acceleration times and struggling to gain power on pull-aways, a diesel performance chip is the answer for your D4D engine. A diesel performance chip can affect more than just the power output, fuel efficiency and your diesel vehicle’s speed. It can also increase torque, improve the smoothness of your driving experience.

Engine tuning specialists – ECU upgrades for more power

Steves Auto Clinic is a leading engine tuning specialist with many branches in South Africa. Our experienced team will ensure that your vehicle is handled with the utmost of care, aiming to provide you with the best performance upgrade for your vehicle. All performance parts, and performance conversions have been tested to the smallest detail to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied when using our engine tuning services. Bring your vehicle to the best performance conversion specialists in a town near you.

There are Steves Auto Clinic branches in Kyalami, Centurion, Boksburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit, Durban, Bloemfontein and Vanderbijlpark. We offer superior performance chips to our clients, and have assisted many luxury vehicle owners to reach their car performance goals. See what a performance upgrade has done for this Toyota Hilux D4D.

Diesel tuning for more power and torque – ECU remap

Modern turbocharged diesel engines are seemingly more tuneable than older diesel engines, and can show massive torque gains just by remapping the ECU. Remapping is great value when it comes to diesel tuning / diesel power upgrades, and can result in a whopping 15-30% power increase. When it comes to ECU software upgrades / engine remapping, make sure that you only use reputable performance enhancement specialists, as there needs to be a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of each diesel engine.

Other upgrades available for your diesel engine is the Unichip U-Connect Plug & Play, a popular performance chip with various maps for different goals. Discuss the diesel tuning options for your diesel vehicle with a performance specialists at Steves Auto Clinic today. See what a performance conversion has done for this diesel Land Cruiser.

What is the Unichip and what can it do for you?

Unichips installed by Steves Auto Clinic are fully programmable devices working with the Engine Management Systems in order to get the best performance out of your car. The Unichip gives the experienced Dynamometer technician at Steves Auto Clinic the access to, and ability, to adjust and optimise both the ignition and fuel system of the vehicle. Unichips are installed to increase the performance and power output of the engine.

A vehicle’s factory settings are not optimised for the best performance, and this is where a Unichip comes in. You will experience a greater response time, more power on pull-aways, better fuel efficiency and even a smoother drive when installing a Unichip from Steves Auto Clinic. See popular petrol Stage 1, 2 and 3 conversions successfully executed at Steves Auto Clinic

Toyota chip tuning specialists in Johannesburg

Are you looking for professional Toyota chip tuning specialists in Johannesburg? Steves Auto Clinic is specialised in chiptuning Toyota Hilux, Fortuner and Land Cruiser, offering suitable performance upgrades including performance chips, ECU software upgrades, performance exhausts and more. You will experience up to 30% increase in power and torque, which is considered a massive gain in the performance industry.

Steves Auto Clinic have a multitude of tuning options available to those that want more from their Toyota vehicles, from Uinichips and ECU software upgrades, performance exhaust systems right up to big valve power cylinder head conversions.

Diesel chip for your Toyota Land Cruiser – U-Connect Plug & Play

Steves Auto Clinic proudly supplies the Unichip U-Connect Plug & Play, a diesel chip for your Toyota Land Cruiser. The U-Connect Plug & Play is the leading diesel chip in the automotive performance enhancement industry, due to the many advantages it offers. The Unichip U-Connect Plug & Play does not alter the vehicle’s factory settings, but simply plugs into the engine’s ECU in order to map the engine via the diesel chip.

What are the benefits of a diesel chip for your Toyota Land Cruiser? You can expect improved acceleration times, increase power and torque which will benefit towing and pull-aways, and a smoother driving experience whilst cruising in this rugged machine. Need more info? Talk to a car performance specialist about diesel chips for your Toyota Land Cruiser from Steves Auto Clinic. We offer suitable and most importantly tested solutions for performance upgrades of Toyota Land Cruisers, Fortuners and the popular Hilux.