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Unichip Plug & Play Frequently asked Questions:

1. How does the Power Plug improve my vehicles performance?
2. How is the Power Plug fitted?
3. How is the Power Plug different from other tuning devices?
4. What is the difference between petrol & diesel tuning?
5. What adjustments are being made?
6. What power and torque gains can I expect?
7. Unichip vs. other performance chips on the market.

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Service Diagnostics

Just Plug it in and start Playing

The Power Plug simply plugs into the vehicles standard ECU

  • Tested Performance
  • Up to 30% more Power
  • Invisible Installation
  • Plug ‘n Play Connectors
  • Smoother Performance
  • More Torque

Plug ‘n Play | UniChip
The only difference between the Unichip installation and the U-Connect – Plug ‘n Play / Uni Q Chip System is the wiring harness that enables this installation without cutting or intercepting the original wiring.

You simply unplug the original ECU wiring and install this system between the male and female plugs.

All the necessary original male and female plugs are included in the harness.

Email your UniChip power plug questions to the SAC Consultant in your area.

The ultimate result is “once removed” no footprint or trace of the original installation at all. Unlike other systems there is no tampering with the vehicles’ ECU or wiring.

The U-Connect – Plug ‘n Play System has evolved over the past 15 years to become a universal tuning tool that can be simply plugged in via a specially made harness that requires no cutting and soldering of wires to the OEM equipment with world class adaptability and functionality.
Most modern vehicles are electronically controlled.

The Electronic Control Units (ECU) have been developed to suit World Markets, and have certain tolerances.


The U-Connect – Power Plug is a highly developed, re-programmable piggyback microcomputer which works in conjunction with the Engine Management System (EMS), already fitted to most modern engine vehicles, in order that improvements in engine efficiency, power and fuel consumption can be realized.

The U-Connect – Power Plug is capable of interacting with your vehicle’s ECU to optimize the air / fuel mixture, timing, boost and injector pressures, under various loads and driving conditions.

If you are not tuning your vehicle with a Plug ‘n Play System, you are not unleashing the full potential of your vehicle nor making use of the wide range of performance options this powerful tuning tool allows you in being number one on the drag strip or simply having a more drivable car that uses less fuel on the journey to work and back each day.

The U-Connect – Plug ‘n Play System has been programmed specifically to enhance your vehicle’s performance under tough conditions, taking into consideration all relevant factors.

SAC, the performance tuning specialists, are able to offer extraordinary levels of expertise in Unichip serial port tuning, conversions, modifications & upgrades with guaranteed results.

To find out more, contact a SAC branch near you and be prepared to be blown away at what is on offer at a highly competitive price?