Unichip Functions

Unichip Frequently Asked Questions

A Unichip is a fully programmable engine management system which allow 408 fuel and ignition parameters to be altered through a vehicle’s standard Engine Control unit (ECU) to deliver maximum power, optimised drivability and improved fuel economy.

Unlike other performance chips, the Uni Q chip is not a replacement pre-programmed chip made to fit all vehicles of the same sort.

A Unichip works in harmony with the standard ECU and is mapped on your engine while on a chassis dynamometer to obtain the safest maximum power, torque and optimum fuel economy.

The most obvious reason is to increase engine performance. Significant gains in torque and power across the entire RPM range are possible.

In addition, the engine will be smoother, deliver greater response, maximise fuel efficiency at all RPM, as well as throttle positions.

A second reason is to harness the performance value of engine and exhaust modifications. Standard engine management systems are not programmed to cater for exhaust branches; gas flowed cylinder heads; high performance air filters or reprofiled camshafts.

Every engine requires optimum ignition timing and air fuel ratio at all RPM and load conditions.

The Unichip gives the experienced Dynamometer technician the access and ability to adjust and optimise both the ignition and fuel system.

The Unichip has 17-RPM sites between 500 RPM and 8000 RPM and 12 load sites between zero throttle position and wide-open throttle position. This equates to 204 possible adjustments for fuel and a further 204 adjustments for ignition timing.

Power gains of 10 KW to 30 KW are commonplace, as measured by an accurate chassis dynamometer. Whilst less common, power gains of 50 KW have been verified.

The exact power gain however depends on the design and condition of the engine and the factory calibration of the engine control unit.

No two engines are identical. The Unichip results represent the optimisation of each individual engine.

The Unichip results are verified by before and after dynamometer tests measured at 100% throttle opening across the entire rev range.

In most driving conditions, the Unichip will improve fuel economy.

Many modern fuel injected vehicles waste fuel by running very rich air fuel ratios at part throttle openings.

With the Unichip, it is a simple procedure to correctly adjust the air fuel ratio over 12 throttle positions and maximize the fuel economy for cruising at part throttle.

The Unichip is a supplementary engine management system that is far more advanced than your “generic plug-in performance chip” products.

It is individually programmable to meet the requirements of the engine and the driver.

Being fully adjustable, the Unichip can cater for non-standard, current and future engine modifications.

Best of all, the Unichip can deliver the most personalised power result every time – uniquely tuned for fuel type and rating and even particular ambient conditions of operation.