When comparing a Uni-Chip (tuned by SAC) based product i.e. Plug & Plays, it is important to know that you get what you pay for. In the illustrations hereunder it is clear that the Uni-Chip (tuned by SAC) is by far the more superior tuning product – tool. We cannot therefore talk price or compare prices and neglect to identify the benefits or advantages of an (SAC tuned) Uni-Chip vs the rest. If you use the chart hereunder and you have a product that you would like to compare, check which boxes it ticks and do the comparison this way.

Show me some performance figures.

If we talk results, gains and claims, SAC has always maintained that reliable power needs to be achieved. The only way to truly know whether or not you have achieved reliable power is by way of measurement with state of the art correct equipment on a chassis dynamometer. Turbo charged diesel or petrol vehicles can easily have power gains that render the engine unreliable or overstressed, not to mention – unpleasant to drive.

The version Q Unichip is the result of 15 years of research and development. The Unichip was the very first product of its kind.

It is the most modern, state-of-the-art electronic engine enhancement product on the planet and replaces virtually all older versions of Unichip with one product.

Because the firmware of the version Q Unichip can be upgraded the chances are VERY good that it will fit on your future vehicle as well.

It is a fully functioning computer that is added to the vehicle’s existing engine management computer. It greatly enhances the functions and capabilities of the original computer turning it into a super computer!

Uni Q Chip Features

  • Plug n Play wiring harness with factory connectors.
  • Multi-processor computer for a new level of engine management
  • Custom-engineered software for only your engine with your specific performance components
  • Adds power to stock & modified engines – up to 30% more power!
  • Works with a variety of cold air intakes, exhaust systems & other performance components
  • Dyno-tested and field-tested to ensure maximum reliability over the lifetime of your engine
  • Crafted to output power more smoothly, eliminating weak areas in the power curve
  • Safely maximizes engine power output across the entire RPM band
  • Does not permanently or temporarily alter factory computer software
  • Custom tunable by a SAC Technician for custom add-on components for the most power
  • Invisible installation, No footprint, easily removable
  • Performance Guaranteed to satisfy!
  • Equal or better fuel mileage – varies by application
  • No high-octane fuel requirements
  • Available for most vehicles.

Unichip vs other performance chips

Do your homework properly.

This illustration speaks for itself – some of the product that we have opened, is too embarrassing to display since they only have one or two components in them. An inexpensive product can be cheap if it is cheap.

Unichip vs other performance chips

Controller Functions Uni-Chip Product A
Manipulate rail pressure signal
High RPM safety factor
Optimize injection timing
Full 3D mapping against load, RPM and modifiers
Full 3D boost control
Useable on all modern diesel and petrol vehicles
Max amount of signals read and/or manipulated 15+ 1
Tuneable map set combinations 50+ 2
User selectable map sets
Smartphone control via Bluetooth
Direct injector control
Firmware upgradeable for future vehicle models
Automatic gearbox shift manipulation
Drive by wire throttle response control
Full 3D Real time tuning
Water temperature safety control
Closed loop Exhaust gas temperature control
First and original piggyback computer in the world
Proudly made in South Africa
Road speed limiting for safety
Road speed limiter removal on many vehicles
Three year product warranty
Torque limiting for safety
Market leader for more than 20 years

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