TRD Supercharger Power Upgrades for your Toyota ortuner, Hilux, Land Cruiser & Prado at SAC

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Petrol Stage 1, 2 & 3 Conversions Toyota Land Cruiser 4.0 V6 Conversions

TRD Supercharger Power for your Toyota 4.0 litre V6

For some, a maximum power output of 175 kW at 5 200 rpm and maximum torque of 376 Nm at 3 800 rpm is just not enough from their 4.0 V6 Toyota, albeit in a Fortuner, Hilux or even Land Cruiser 75 Series.

But with the arrival of the new Q-Chip, which allows the tuner a host of new options by which to perfectly optimise / tune up your vehicle, the Hilux 3.0 D-4D, turbodiesel, has been put through the test mill again..

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But what if this is still not enough?

Then the only option you can consider then is the fitment of a genuine Toyota Racing Developments (TRD) Supercharger kit.

This TRD supercharger kit is available at any one of our SAC branches, and coming from Toyota Racing Developments (TRD), you know that this kit is going to be as good and reliable as anything that comes directly from the factory.

In fact, the kit is so good, that overseas, when it is installed by an authorised Toyota dealer, the supercharger has the same warranty as the power train or the balance of the new car warranty, whichever is greater.

Unfortunately, it must be noted that no such agreement is in place in South Africa and the fitment of this kit can affect your warranty.

But back to the kit itself, it is also developed purely for use on the 4.0 V6 petrol Toyota engine, so it is not a case of fitting a generic unit and hoping that it will work like you expect.

Every nut, bolt and pipe goes exactly where it is meant to go and this results in a kit that not only does the job, but looks the part too

This supercharger system features Eaton roots-type rotating components in a one-piece integral manifold, iridium spark plugs, and a five-rib serpentine drive belt system running at around 0.5 bar of boost pressure.

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Hilux & Fortuner 4.0 Conversion


This is enough to turn your Toyota in a real tar burner, now with 250kW and 5300Nm of power and torque available for you to exploit at the mere prod of the accelerator pedal.

You will also have vastly improved low down torque and this you know results in far nicer vehicle to drive on a daily basis.

So if you just want the strongest Toyota Fortuner, Hilux or Land Cruiser in town because you do, or perhaps you want to tow with absolute ease, then you should consider giving SAC a call.

Please Note: The supercharger kit does not fit vehicles with the up-rated V6 engine used in the FJ Cruiser (200Kw & 380Nm) & the Land Cruiser Prado (202Kw & 381Nm).


Bolt on exhausts

Gone are the days that you take your half a million-rand Bakkie to a corner exhaust shop for a cheap free flow exhaust. It’s fair to say that the bolt-on free flow exhausts of today at SAC have been revolutionized and are becoming more and more popular amongst the enthusiasts. It is no longer just a poorly welded and routed exhaust that rattles and knocks over every bump, it is a properly engineered, big bore, mandrill bent stainless steel-low restriction exhaust system.  It is manufactured in such a way to be a bolt-on fitment in a workshop with very little effort to ensure perfection. Seeing the exhaust system in its raw form, packed and laying on a shelf – it is clear to see that this is an export quality product that will be installed on your vehicle, and it will compliment without any doubt – the performance enhancement plug and play kit and or upgraded intercooler system in many ways – most of all the sound and power will be much improved.  The bolt-on exhaust system is routed along the exact same rout under your vehicle and hangs with similar brackets on the standard rubbers.  The heat protection that has been provided by the manufacturer under your vehicle to protect the undercarriage is still effective and useful with the fitment of these bolt-on exhaust systems. So, if you want the ultimate Bakkie performance enhancement package speak to our sales and service advisors about a bolt-on exhaust system. Contact us today for your free quotation.