Toyota Prado ECU remapping means altering or adjusting your vehicle’s computer settings, which can be done for various reasons. We advise that your Toyota Prado ECU remapping or ECU software upgrade be done by a professional car specialist, to avoid any unwanted or unsuccessful outcomes.

When it comes to your luxurious Toyota Prado’s ECU Remapping, forget the backyard mechanics and the friends who “have done this before” – take your vehicle to a reputable car specialist such as Steves Auto Clinic to ensure that the ECU software upgrade is done professionally and with a sense of security (Read more about Steves Auto Clinic’s “Why worry warranty” on performance upgrades, services and tune-up’s).

Benefits of ECU remapping / software upgrades

There are many benefits to Toyota Prado ECU remapping or software upgrades. If you desire increased power and torque, a smoother driving experience or a better fuel efficiency, an ECU software upgrade might be just the solution for you. The vehicle manufacturers include certain settings in the ECU that restricts the engine output, mainly to avoid user neglect and premature failure of parts. But as a vehicle enthusiast would want, you probably want to experience more power and torque, and a pleasurable driving experience.

ECU software upgrade specialists – Steves Auto Clinic

When it comes to ECU remapping / ECU software upgrades for your Toyota Prado, Ford Ranger, Isuzu KB, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara or Mazda BT50, trust Steves Auto Clinic to give you the best solution.

Steves Auto Clinic boasts 30 years of experience with in the vehicle performance enhancement specialists, and has assisted thousands of vehicle owners to get the best out of their vehicles. With Steves Auto Clinic branches across South Africa, there is no reason why you can’t bring your Toyota Prado to Steves Auto Clinic for ECU remapping / ECU upgrades.

Find a Steves Auto Clinic branch near you for Toyota Prado ECU remapping / ECU software upgrades or other performance parts.