Even More Torque for the Torque King

Toyota’s evergreen Land Cruiser 70 Series, more specifically the 76 Station Wagon, the 79 Single Cab and the 79 Double Cab are now the new torque kings of four-wheel drive vehicles thanks to the fitment of Toyota’s legendary 4.5 litre 32 valve V8 turbo diesel engine with common-rail direct injection and intercooler. This V8 engine delivers 151 kW of power at 3 400 rpm along with a peak torque of 430 Nm that is reached at just 1 200 rpm and held all the way to 3 200 rpm – the flattest torque curve of all Toyota’s engines. It boasts 55 kW more power and 145 Nm more torque than the naturally aspirated, indirect-injection, 4.2 litre, straight-six diesel engine that still sees service in selected Land Cruiser workhorses.


But what if you want even more? Well then Steves Auto Clinic is your one stop Toyota Land Cruiser shop! We already have fully developed Stage 1 and 2 performance upgrades to offer you for your Land Cruiser 70 Series V8 turbo diesel that can see you gain another 30 to 50 kW depending on the upgrade you choose.

We have been working on this particular engine for a number of years thanks to the grey imports that are brought across our borders from other Sub-Saharan Africa countries for some of that special SAC treatment in our state of the art workshops situated around the country. Stage 1 sees the fitment of a Unichip piggy back computer that can be hard wired into the car’s engine control unit computer harness or you can opt for a ‘Straight to Sensor’ plug and play unit that involves no cutting into the ECU harness and can be installed and removed in a few hours. Stage 2 sees the fitment of a free flow performance exhaust system. Here again you have a choice, you can go for a 63mm stainless steel or mild steel system or a bespoke export quality 76mm mandrel bent system either in stainless steel or mild steel. You can even opt to have your existing exhaust system modified with the fitment of free flow silencers if you are working to a strict budget. No matter your requirement we have a performance solution for you. Just contact a sales representative at your nearest branch listed here. Watch this space as we bring you a full before and after independent performance road test on the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 V8 Turbo diesel

Bolt on exhausts

Gone are the days that you take your half a million-rand Bakkie to a corner exhaust shop for a cheap free flow exhaust. It’s fair to say that the bolt-on free flow exhausts of today at SAC have been revolutionized and are becoming more and more popular amongst the enthusiasts. It is no longer just a poorly welded and routed exhaust that rattles and knocks over every bump, it is a properly engineered, big bore, mandrill bent stainless steel-low restriction exhaust system.  It is manufactured in such a way to be a bolt-on fitment in a workshop with very little effort to ensure perfection. Seeing the exhaust system in its raw form, packed and laying on a shelf – it is clear to see that this is an export quality product that will be installed on your vehicle, and it will compliment without any doubt – the performance enhancement plug and play kit and or upgraded intercooler system in many ways – most of all the sound and power will be much improved.  The bolt-on exhaust system is routed along the exact same rout under your vehicle and hangs with similar brackets on the standard rubbers.  The heat protection that has been provided by the manufacturer under your vehicle to protect the undercarriage is still effective and useful with the fitment of these bolt-on exhaust systems. So, if you want the ultimate Bakkie performance enhancement package speak to our sales and service advisors about a bolt-on exhaust system. Contact us today for your free quotation.