Are you desperately in need of a reputable Toyota Hilux service center in Midrand?

Don’t hesitate to call our Toyota Hilux service center in Midrand at for the best service available. Any vehicle owner knows that, if you own a vehicle, you would need to keep it in good running condition by taking it in for a service ever so often. One of the brands of vehicles that will literally last a lifetime if you look after it is the Toyota. That is why it is a wise decision to only take your Toyota in for a service at a reputable provider such as our branch of Steve’s Auto Clinic Toyota Hilux service center in Midrand. Our Toyota Hilux service center in Midrand is known as being the top service provider in the area, as we do not only limit ourselves to providing basic and standard services but also include the following into our vast list of services offered:

  • Toyota Hilux service centre in Midrand
  • Automotive maintenance.
  • Automotive repairs.
  • Automotive service packages.
  • Electrical, electronic and mechanical repairs to petrol and diesel vehicles of any make or model.
  • Total engine rebuilding.
  • Turbo repairs or replacement.
  • Gearbox repairs.
  • Engine protection units.
  • Fuel injector refurbishing/ replacing.
  • Catalytic converters.
  • Performance exhausts.
  • Performance air filters.

Unichip Performance Plug And Play Chip

Suitable for your vehicle

At our Toyota Hilux service center in Midrand, you could either bring in your vehicle for one of our three different service packages. Preventative maintenance services will be included into the full service package where we, upon full inspection of your vehicle, will point out the dangerous areas that, upon refurbishment, repairs and replacement, would have possibly caused much more in terms of damages and could even be to the benefit of your family’s well-being. For those who would like their vehicles to perform above the average of factory settings, we have a full range of performance parts and services as well as different types of Dyna testing, tuning and performance chips available. This is because our team at our Toyota Hilux service center in Midrand believe that you are not only bringing your vehicle in for a service but you are also protecting the safety and lives of yourself and your family and this is why we take our service so serious when it comes to professionalism and thoroughness. Call our Toyota Hilux service center in Midrand today to see how we cannot only improve the quality of your vehicle but the quality of your life as well.


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