Trusted Toyota Hilux / Fortuner Service and Repair
Centers in South Africa

  • We specialise in the service, maintenance, repairs & upgrading of all popular Bakkies & SUV’s and utilise only the best original quality spare parts. 
  • We offer various competitively priced specials on all the above from time to time and can tailor a service package to suit most budgets.  All you need to do is talk to us.  Be rest assured we understand Bakkies & SUV’s. 
  • We are clearly positioning ourselves in the automotive industry – service, maintenance, repairs & upgrading – as the country’s leading OEM high-tech alternative workshops. 
  • We offer our services on both Petrol & Diesel Models.  Including 4 cylinder V6 as well as old & new models. 

Toyota Hilux / Fortuner Service Schedules:

  • Minor, Intermediate & Major Service,
  • Lube Service / Oil Change
  • Brake Disks & Pads
  • Cambelt & Clutch Replacements
  • Exhaust Repairs & Replacement
  • Injector Refurbishing & Replacement
  • Turbo Repairs & Replacement
  • Shocks
  • Diesel Pump Repairs & Replacement

Toyota Hilux, Fortuner & Land Cruiser

Toyota Hilux / Fortuner Service – Minor, Intermediate, Major Services

Steves Auto Clinic is a leading automotive service centre for Toyota bakkies, with branches located right across South Africa. If you need a trusted Toyota service centre for your Toyota bakkie, contact Steves Auto Clinic today.

Steves Auto Clinic will provide you with a professional service, quality parts and affordable prices, helping you to get your vehicle back on the road again. Our team has gained extensive experience in Toyota bakkie servicing, which allows us to provide our clients with exceptional service and the best solutions. Contact a Steves Auto Clinic near you to book your Toyota bakkie’s next service.

Toyota Hilux / Fortuner Service options

Whether you require a service centre for a minor, intermediate or major service for your Toyota bakkie, Steves Auto Clinic will assist:

Minor services: Our minor services for your Toyota bakkie include all the basic checks required to ensure your vehicle is in a good shape. The minor service package includes:

  • The engine oil and filter will be changed
  • The brake fluid level and colour will be checked
  • The power steering fluid level will be checked
  • The windscreen washer level will be checked
  • The coolant level will be checked
  • Tyre pressures will be checked
  • A check to ensure all lights are working

Hilux service

Intermediate services: Our intermediate service package is much more extensive, including a list of other checks to be performed. This includes inspection of the brakes, cam belts, battery and terminals, air-conditioning, pedals and more. See our complete list of services for your Toyota bakkie servicing when booking an intermediate service.

Major services: Major services at certain mileage intervals for your Toyota bakkie, and you can revert to your service schedule to determine when you bakkie is due for a major service. If your bakkie is behind on its service schedule, then we advise that you bring in your bakkie for a major service to ensure that all the parts are functioning as required, so that you know that you have a reliable bakkie for your daily activities. View our comprehensive list of services includes in our major service package for your Toyota bakkie.

Maintenance and repairs for your Toyota Hilux / Fortuner at Steves Auto Clinic

Our service centre will also take care of your maintenance and repairs required on your Toyota bakkie. You can trust our team to give you honest advice, and exceptional levels of service, making us an excellent choice of service centres for your vehicle. We will handle the following maintenance and repair jobs:

  • Preventative maintenance: When it comes to your Toyota bakkie, prevention is always better that cure. Maintenance jobs that are not taken care of could (and most likely will) lead to other much bigger and more costly problems.
  • Engine rebuilding: If you’re considering selling your vehicle, we always tell our clients that a little work on your existing Toyota can make a world of difference. You can choose to refurbish your current engine to its original factory condition, or choose to upgrade it whilst it is being rebuilt for a small additional amount. An upgraded engine will ensure a much better performance form your vehicle, with a noticeable improvement.
  • Turbo repairs and replacement: A damaged wastegate could have a devastating result, costing you large amounts of money that could have easily been prevented. Take your vehicle to a Steves Auto Clinic service centre to check out your turbo for repairs or replacement.
  • Gearbox repairs: Steves Auto Clinic is able to repair your Toyota bakkie’s gearbox to its original factory condition, at a very affordable price. If you suspect a gearbox related issue in your vehicle, take your bakkie to a Steves Auto Clinic service centre today.


Trust Steves Auto Clinic for your Toyota Hilux / Fortuner Service needs

Steves Auto Clinic has built a strong reputation within the motor vehicle services industry, making us a reputable choice of car service centres in South Africa for you Toyota bakkie servicing. Trust Steves Auto Clinic to ensure your vehicle is in its best shape for the following benefits:

  • Steves Auto Clinic is an AA Quality Assured service centre, guaranteeing you that you will get excellent services and high quality parts for your needs.
  • Our professional team consists of qualified and experienced individuals to ensure the best results.
  • As a reputable car service centre, we also offer a warranty on all work done at our workshops. Read more below about the Why Worry Warranty offered by Steves Auto Clinic.
  • Steves Auto Clinic offers courtesy cars, should you need to use this service whilst your Toyota bakkie is in for a service.

Talk to Steves Auto Clinic – book your Toyota Hilux / Fortuner next service

Contact the leading bakkie service centre to offer you a professional and efficient service regarding your Toyota bakkie’s servicing needs Talk to an automotive specialist at your nearest Steves Auto Clinic branch should you require any advice or assistance.