Toyota D4D Clutch, Flywheel Repairs & Replacement

Toyota D4D Clutch & Flywheel Repairs

If you are a Toyota D4D owner, you’ll probably agree that taking care of your powerful baby is key to get the most out of this great machine. One vital part of your Toyota D4D, is its clutch and flywheel system.

Sorting out clutch & flywheel issues before they cause even more damage will ensure your Toyota D4D doesn’t cost you excessive amounts of money for unnecessary replacements or maintenance.

Steves Auto Clinic specialises in Toyota D4D clutch and flywheel systems, offering you affordable and professional clutch repairs and replacement services. Our professional team will assess your Toyota D4D to determine any faults in your clutch system that could affect your vehicles performance.

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The Toyota D4D clutch & flywheel system

Toyota clutch problems are not uncommon. Many 4×4’s including the Toyota D4D operates a dual mass flywheel system. As opposed to the single mass flywheel, the dual mass flywheel’s main purpose was to improve the engine’s pulsing, smoothing out the torque that is produced by the petrol or diesel engine – for today’s increasingly powerful engines.

Dual mass flywheel systems can fail due to many reason, and it is important to determine these reasons before replacement.

Steves Auto Clinic are leading car specialists, and will assist you with Toyota D4D clutch and flywheel problems in no time.

Signs of clutch problems in your Toyota D4D

Even though you might not be experiencing any signs of clutch or flywheel problems in your Toyota D4D, it is advised that you have your clutch evaluated after every 100 000km. When it comes to cars and especially 4×4 vehicles, prevention is always better than cure.


Signs that your Toyota D4D clutch or flywheel might be failing include:

  • Slipping in gears (especially 3rd gear)
  • When revving your engine and the vehicle hesitates before accelerating, or if there is no immediate noticeable acceleration.
  • Releasing the clutch when in gear, and nothing happens initially.
  • Shuddering or squeaking noises from the engine compartment.

Professional clutch, flywheel repairs and replacements at Steves Auto Clinic

When it comes to the motor services industry, never settle for less experienced individuals to repair your vehicle to save on costs – this will only lead to more expenses at the end of the day. Get your Toyota D4D clutch and flywheel system repaired or replaced at Steves Auto Clinic.

Steves Auto Clinic boasts over 30 years of knowledge and experience gained within vehicle repairs, maintenance, performance enhancement and services – always staying at the forefront of technology to ensure our clients and their beloved cars only receive the best parts and treatment.