New SAC upgrades for the Toyota Hilux and Fortuner offers truckloads of power and anti-theft option

Two things can be said of the Toyota Hilux and Fortuner 3.0 D-4D engine: its durability and reliability is well proven after 10 years on the market and its once-impressive performance figures are now overshadowed by its competitors.

The 3.0 D-4D engine (or D4D in many people’s references to the engine) is one of the most popular engines in the SAC Performance Centres. Customers bring their Hilux or Fortuner 3.0 D-4D engines to SAC because they know that SAC has improved the performance on hundreds of these engines and because they know that SAC has continued with the testing and development of engine upgrades for the D4D.

New SAC upgrades for the Toyota Hilux and Fortuner offers truckloads of power and anti-theft option

What makes this performance upgrade even better, is the fact that it is done on a dynamometer, which considers a multitude of performance conditions. These include throttle, boost, fuel mixture, engine temperature, engine speed, engine load and even injector performance. At Steves Auto Clinic we will always insist that any performance upgrade or the fitment of a Plug and Play system is done by our Performance Engineers and on a dynamometer. Engines are expensive and we prefer that each unit is fitted, tested and optimised by a specialist and not merely plugged in by anyone, without considering the over 600 points of tuning available on the Unichip.New SAC upgrades for the Toyota Hilux and Fortuner offers truckloads of power and anti-theft option

The “Very Peri” upgrade offers the driver a range of engine performance options that considers the different ways in which the Toyota Hilux or Toyota Fortuner D4D will be used. The options – referred to as engine maps – offer an anti-theft map, which immobilizes the engine, a standard map, which makes the bakkie or Fortuner drive exactly according to manufacturer specifications and an off-road and towing map, which gives the engine more power and torque at specific engine speeds, for when you are towing something or driving off-road.

But if you chose the ultimate map, you will suddenly unleash a different animal under the bonnet of your Hilux or Fortuner. In its top setting, Steves Auto Clinic has unleashed the maximum amount of power that could safely and reliably be tapped from this sturdy engine. In this setting the power peaks and the Hilux or Fortuner also benefits from the Unichip’s popular throttle boost option, which makes the car perform even better. The “Veri Peri” conversion also allows for other tuning elements. This is best discussed with the Performance Specialist at your nearest Steves Auto Clinic, but it includes the fitment of a performance exhaust system, which significantly reduces back pressure and hugely improves gas flow from the cylinders through the exhaust.


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New SAC upgrades for the Toyota Hilux and Fortuner offers truckloads of power and anti-theft optionSteves Auto Clinic also offers a double-volume Power Cooler from the specialists at Dastek Power. This Power Cooler is front mounted and it is designed and tested to allow for a far greater volume of air flow to the engine, thanks to its superior cooling capabilities. With the fitment of the front mounted cooler, the bonnet scoop on the Hilux and Fortuner is better utilised to cool the entire engine and not only the intake air.

“It is very important to us that owners do not confuse our conversion to any off the shelf chip conversion where a cheap factory built chip merely increases fuel mixture without considering the hundreds of other parameters. We develop and test our conversions to breaking point and insist that the conversion is done by a specialist on a dynamometer. That is why we can back it up with a comprehensive warranty,” says Stephen Fischer, founder of SAC and a well known engine performance upgrade specialist.

The SAC “Very Peri” Conversion for your Hilux or Fortuner D4D is the pinnacle of performance improvements for South Africa’s favourite turbo diesel engine and it is built on over 30 years of expertise from SAC. Visit your nearest SAC Performance and Service Centre to learn more and to experience the mind blowing difference in performance and driveability from your D4D engine that is only available from Steves Auto Clinic.

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