Toyota D4D Turbo Kits, Turbocharger Repairs and Replacements

Toyota d4d Turbocharger Replacement

Steves Auto Clinic are experts in repairing or replacing Diesel Injectors and Turbo Chargers on Toyota D4D vehicles

Toyota’s Hilux is and has been South Africa’s number one selling vehicle for a good number of years now, followed closely by the likes of the Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Prado, and that means that there are thousands of these vehicles on our roads with mileages that vary from brand new to a couple hundred thousand km.

But is your Toyota D-4D not going like it used to go? Or is your Toyota D-4D smoking excessively? Or is your Toyota D-4D engine making horrible noises?

There are many myths surrounding turbodiesel cars and bakkies. Most of them inaccurate. We hear everyday how people must sell their Toyota D-4D’s before they hit 100 000 km because that is when the turbo or the diesel injectors will pack up. And that is when the D-4D’s are out of their standard service plan and warranty period, and this is when your D-4D will leave you with no option but to pay a hefty repair bill.

It is this type of misinformation that can literally cost you a fortune or even cause you to sell your Toyota D-4D Hilux, Fortuner or Prado in a hurry and at a financial loss when you in fact have a number of cost effective options available to you that will see your D-4D being on the road for many more miles at prices that make sense.

Toyota D-4D Diesel Injectors & Turbochargers

We at Steves Auto Clinic can offer you a number of options here from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brand new replacement items, to better priced alternative supplier options to low cost and quality items right down to fully refurbished like new exchange units that can save you a substantial amount of money and keep your Toyota D-4D running like new.

SAC are the specialists when it comes to Toyota D-4D diesel injector replacement and refurbishing as well as Toyota D-4D turbocharger replacement and refurbishing. So don’t think you have no choices or are automatically in for a massive repair bill, we have a host of options for you. Many of our D-4D customers have in excess of 300 000 km on the clock and have no plan on selling or trading in their vehicles due to a decent maintenance and repair option offered by our shops.


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