Toyota Corolla, Yaris, Etios, Camry Performance Enhancement in South Africa

Toyota Cars Tuning & Performance Enhancement

There are a number of options when it comes to your Toyota vehicle’s performance enhancement. Steves Auto Clinic is a leading car performance enhancement specialist in South Africa, offering a number of options for your Toyota performance upgrade needs. Whether you are seeking more power output or better fuel consumption from your trusted Toyota vehicle, a performance upgrade is the best choice for you.

Steves Auto Clinic has assisted many Toyota vehicle owners to achieve the performance they desire from their cars, by offering professional services, reliable parts and all at an affordable price. Contact your nearest Steves Auto Clinic for more information about our performance enhancement upgrades available for your Toyota vehicle. We offer Toyota cars performance enhancement conversions for the following Toyota models – Toyota Avensis, Prado, Fortuner, Land Cruiser and many more.

Toyota Performance Conversions

  • Increase your vehicle’s power with up to 30%
  • Performance Upgrades
  • Conversions for your Diesel or Petrol vehicle

Toyota Service, Repairs & Maintenance

Routine servicing, preventative maintenance, mechanical repairs, engine rebuilding, exhaust repairs, injector refurbishing, turbo replacements & repairs , shocks, diesel pump repairs, and more…

AURIS D4D 2.0 93 KW 310 NM 106 KW 345 NM
AVENSIS D4D 2.2 110 KW 310 NM 126 KW 355 NM
COROLLA D4D 2.0 93 KW 300 NM 106 KW 345 NM

Leading performance enhancement specialists for your Toyota car

With so many automotive workshops around, how do you go about choosing the best automotive performance enhancement service provider for your Toyota’s needs? Steves Auto Clinic has built a strong reputation in South Africa as a leading automotive specialist, offering modern and result driven performance upgrades to our clients. Here’s why you can trust Steves Auto Clinic with your Toyota car’s performance enhancement upgrade:

  • Quality performance parts: At Steves Auto Clinic we supply our clients with high quality performance parts, manufactured by the well-known and leading manufacturer, Dastek Power. Our performance parts are very reliable, and offer clients amazing results when it comes to power and torque increases.
  • Experience: With over 30 years of experience in the automotive services industry, we have gained extensive knowledge about vehicle and performance upgrades, including Toyota cars performance upgrades and conversions. Our team is dedicated to offer our clients performance upgrade solutions that meet their needs as well as fits into their budgets. Our solutions are also tailored to fit each individual Toyota car, to ensure we get the best performance your vehicle has to offer.
  • Professional service: Our team is very professional and will see to it that your Toyota car’s performance enhancement is done efficiently and professionally. Talk to a friendly automotive specialist about your Toyota car’s performance enhancement needs.

Contact Steves Auto Clinic for your Toyota car’s performance enhancement

Our team at Steves Auto Clinic are considered leaders in the performance aftermarket, and for good reason! We have helped many of our Toyota clients to achieve the power increases and performance levels they wanted in their Toyota vehicle, by providing them with result driven performance upgrades and conversions. Our Toyota car performance enhancement upgrades are also offered at a very competitive price. Contact your nearest Steves Auto Clinic for a quote to complete your Toyota performance upgrade.