Toyota Hilux, Fortuner & Land Cruiser Performance & Power Enhancement at SAC

Toyota Hilux, Fortuner & Land Cruiser

Looking to enhance your Toyota bakkie’s performance and power? Steves Auto Clinic is a leading automotive service centre, specialising in performance upgrades for specific bakkie models, including your trusted Toyota bakkie. We have developed the ideal Toyota bakkie performance enhancement conversions designed and developed to get the best results from your specific Toyota bakkie, ensuring that you will be more than happy with the outcome.

Get a better performance and more power from your bakkie, with Toyota bakkie performance enhancement upgrades from Steve s Auto Clinic. Contact a branch near you for more information about our bakkie performance conversions.

About our Toyota bakkie performance enhancement conversions

The Toyota D-4D engine is a very popular engine seen in our aftermarket shops today. These already powerful engines offer incredible opportunities for performance enhancement, showing noticeable increases in power and torque when completing a performance conversion at Steves Auto Clinic. Our Toyota bakkie performance enhancement is ideal for your D-4D engine, whether you drive Toyota Fortuner or Hilux.

Our Toyota bakkie performance enhancement conversions include different stages of tuning, and is completed by using the popular high quality performance chip manufactured by Dastek Power. The Plug and Play performance chip simply plugs into your bakkie’s Electronic Control Unit, which will bypass your Toyota’s factory settings, without altering it. The Plug and Play unit is safe and reliable, offering exceptional power increases, without putting your Toyota bakkie’s engine at risk.

Choose the Toyota bakkie performance enhancement conversion for Steves Auto Clinic for the following benefits:

  • Expertise: As reputable Toyota bakkie performance enhancement specialists, you can rest assured knowing that Steves Auto Clinic possesses the necessary knowledge to perform performance upgrades that are safe for your bakkie, and deliver the desired results. Each upgrade is handled individually, and a dynamometer is used to determine the best outcomes.
  • Quality: Steves Auto Clinic only makes use of high quality parts including performance chips, intercoolers, performance exhausts and more. Our aim is to offer our clients a reliable Toyota bakkie performance upgrade that will exceed their expectations.
  • Guarantee: At Steves Auto Clinic, we pride ourselves in our work, which is why we are not afraid to back it up with a comprehensive warranty. Our Toyota bakkie performance enhancement conversions have been developed and perfected over a period of 30 years, and is supported by extensive research and tests to ensure results.
AURIS D4D 2.0 93 KW 310 NM 106 KW 345 NM
AVENSIS D4D 2.2 110 KW 310 NM 126 KW 355 NM
COROLLA D4D 2.0 93 KW 300 NM 106 KW 345 NM
HILUX KZ-TE 85 KW 315 NM 98 KW 345 NM
HILUX 2,5 D4D 75 KW 260 NM 86 KW 295 NM
HILUX 3.0 D4D 120 KW 343 NM 140 KW 395 NM
HILUX 3.0 DE 72 KW 192 NM 85 KW 219 NM
FORTUNER 3.0 D4D 120 KW 343 NM 140 KW 395 NM
PRADO 3.0 TDI 96KW 343 NM 115 KW 395 NM
PRADO 3.0 KZ-TE 96 KW 343 NM 115 KW 390 NM
PRADO D4D 3.0 120 KW 400 NM 140 KW 465 NM
LAND CRUISER VX100 150 KW 430 NM 168 KW 510 NM
LAND CRUISER VX 200 173 KW 615 NM 205 KW 730 NM
RAV 4 D4D 2.2 100 KW 310 NM 115 KW 355 NM
QUANTUM D4D 2.5 75 KW 260 NM 85 KW 298 NM

toyota-hilux-performance toyota-prado-performance

Trust SAC with your Toyota bakkie’s performance enhancement conversion

Steves Auto Clinic will offer you an integrated and cost-effective performance enhancement solution for your power and performance upgrade needs. Talk to an automotive performance enhancement specialist at your nearest Steves Auto Clinic for advice regarding your Toyota bakkie’s performance enhancement conversion.

Bolt on exhausts

Gone are the days that you take your half a million-rand Bakkie to a corner exhaust shop for a cheap free flow exhaust. It’s fair to say that the bolt-on free flow exhausts of today at SAC have been revolutionized and are becoming more and more popular amongst the enthusiasts. It is no longer just a poorly welded and routed exhaust that rattles and knocks over every bump, it is a properly engineered, big bore, mandrill bent stainless steel-low restriction exhaust system.  It is manufactured in such a way to be a bolt-on fitment in a workshop with very little effort to ensure perfection. Seeing the exhaust system in its raw form, packed and laying on a shelf – it is clear to see that this is an export quality product that will be installed on your vehicle, and it will compliment without any doubt – the performance enhancement plug and play kit and or upgraded intercooler system in many ways – most of all the sound and power will be much improved.  The bolt-on exhaust system is routed along the exact same rout under your vehicle and hangs with similar brackets on the standard rubbers.  The heat protection that has been provided by the manufacturer under your vehicle to protect the undercarriage is still effective and useful with the fitment of these bolt-on exhaust systems. So, if you want the ultimate Bakkie performance enhancement package speak to our sales and service advisors about a bolt-on exhaust system. Contact us today for your free quotation.