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If you require an oil change for your Toyota bakkie, we suggest that you bring your vehicle to Steves Auto Clinic for a minor service. A minor service will include and oil change, as well as another few essential and basic checks.

Steves Auto Clinic is a leading automotive service centre with branches across South Africa. We specialise in Toyota bakkie services, including all the checks and services you would expect when taking your vehicle for a general service. Contact your nearest Steves Auto Clinic today for more information about our minor, intermediate and major services, and to bring in your Toyota bakkie for the required oil change.

Toyota bakkie oil change

The importance of a Toyota bakkie oil change

The purpose of the engine oil is to lubricate the working parts of the engine, helping to prevent wear on the parts, cooling the engine and assisting to seal it properly. It is well known that diesel engines produce a lot of dirt, which gets into the engine oil. Contaminated oil which is supposed to lubricate the engine could do a lot of damage to the engine, instead of assisting it. If your Toyota bakkie features a turbo, the same applies to the oil – dirty and contaminated oil could lead to failing bearings if exposed to particles in the oil for long period of time. A Toyota bakkie oil change is thus an important part of your vehicle’s service, and should be attended to at the required servicing intervals.

The oil used for your vehicle should also be high quality manufacturer recommended brands, to ensure that you do not put poor quality oil in your Toyota bakkie’s engine. Poor quality oil will require to be changed more often that reputable brands.

There are a few factors to take into account that could lead to shorter oil change intervals in our Toyota bakkie. This includes frequent dusty road trips, high mileage engines, turbo charged engines and towing of heavy loads. Then there are also aspects that could lengthen the oil change intervals like brand new engines, high capture efficiency oil filters, more highway miles than short distance travelling.


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Regular oil changes are essential – Book a service with the Toyota bakkie specialists to enjoy professional, efficient and affordable bakkie services. You will get the Toyota bakkie oil change you require at a competitive quote. As leading automotive specialists in South Africa, you can bring your bakkie to your nearest Steves Auto Clinic branch for any of the following services: