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SAC Automotive Service Schedules

What a service is called today is confusing to say the least. SAC Branches provide 3 service packages, the work done is listed below

Minor Service | Intermediate Service | Major Service

Please note: “Shown below are a few typical service check sheets used by SAC Shops. Each individual shop tailors their own unique check sheets to suit their region and / or environment.”

Service & Repair Workshop


Minor Service

  • Check tyre pressures
  • Check all lights operation
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  • Check windscreen washer Ievel
  • Check coolant level
  • Change engine oil + filter
  • Check brake fluid level + colour
  • Check power steering fluid level

Service Diagnostics

Intermediate Service

  • Inspect vehicle for scratches and other damages
  • Inspect brake and all warning lights on dash
  • Check all lights
  • Check hooter, wiper operation & condition of blades
  • Check brake & clutch pedal for squeaks & adjustment
  • Check for grass in the radiator
  • Lubricate all latches & hinges
  • Check Window washer fluid
  • Check Battery & terminals
  • Check Hydraulic fluid levels
  • Check cooling system levels and leaks
  • Inspect fan belts
  • Change all filters
  • Inspect accelerator pedal for full throttle opening
  • Inspect cam belt
  • Inspect brakes & handbrake operation
  • All grease nipples serviced
  • Sump plug tightened and wiped
  • Start-up vehicle check for oil leaks
  • Check all tyre pressures (Spare wheel included)
  • Check aircon
  • Check gearbox lever & oil leaks
  • Check diff level & side shaft oil leaks
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Minor, Intermediate, Major Services, Vehicle Service


Major Service

  • Inspect vehicle for dents, scratches etc.
  • Check all warning lights on dash
  • Check rev counter & speedo operation
  • Check hooter
  • Check windshield washers front – Operational
  • Check windshield washers rear – Operational
  • Refill front & rear window water bottles
  • Accelerator pedal checked for full throttle
  • Report on condition of discs & brakedrums
  • Report on condition of pads & brakeshoes
  • Inspect all brake components for leaks
  • Check mechanical advance on distributor
  • Replace points & condenser if necc.
  • Report on condition of Timing Chain
  • Report on condition of Fuel Filter
  • Replace Fuel filter
  • Replace Oilfilter
  • Check Clutch pedal travel & squeeking
  • Check Brake pedal travel & squeeking
  • Check Door operation
  • Check Boot operation
  • Check Bonnet operation
  • Grease all latches slightly
  • All locks & latches serviced
  • Check Pedal rubbers
  • Check battery water
  • Check Battery terminals condition
  • Check Battery terminals tightness
  • Refill hydraulic levels if neccesary
  • Inspect coolant system for leaks & levels
  • Inspect all suspention components
  • Inspect all cable routing under vehicle
  • Check gearbox oil levels and fill if necc.
  • Gearlever linkages checked & lubed
  • Check diff oil levels and fill if necessary
  • Inspect Exhaust system & report
  • Repack & adjust wheelbearings if necc.
  • Lube under bodyparts with shackle fluid
  • Inspect condition of all tyres and report
  • Check & report on idle up device for aircon
  • Dyna if applicable
  • Adjust ignition timing
  • Adjust idle co’s
  • Check new oil level and water levels
  • Book a major service at the SAC outlet near you



  • Road test (Rattles, wind noise, steering, braking stability & noises)
  • Road test (Rattles wind noise, steering, braking stability & noises) & report
  • Check wiperblade condition
  • Check windshield washers front
  • Check windshield washers rear
  • Check all interior & console lights
  • Inspect handbrake operation
  • Check handbrake adjustment
  • Brake fluid condition checked
  • Check all lights
  • Coolant level serviced
  • Check Anti freeze
  • Check for grass in radiator
  • Check Fanbelt tension
  • Check Fanbelt condition
  • Compression test
  • Replace sparkplugs (Where Applicable)
  • Check Sparkplug wires
  • Inspect supressors & routing
  • Replace airfilter
  • Inspect cambelt tension
  • Inspect cambelt condition
  • Inspect camtiming
  • Report on condition of tappets
  • Inspect CV Joint dust covers
  • Check Steering wheel if straight
  • Check Wheel balance
  • Check aircon operation & report
  • Timing & carb Adjusted
  • Check Spare wheel & tools
  • Inspect universal joints
  • Grease universal joints
  • C.V.joints dust covers checked
  • Inspect tie rod ends
  • Inspect steering component
  • Steering rack boots checked
  • All grease nipples serviced
  • Inspect all shocks & report
  • Torgue wheel nuts
  • Pump all tyres to specification
  • Fill oil on level
  • Wash vehicle
  • Wash engine