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Petrol Injector Refurbishing


Improve your vehicle's performance

Now and every year since the introduction of computerized engine management systems on cars, we must spend thousands of rands on new diagnostic equipment.

This equipment allows us to diagnose and correct the faults, on these types of vehicles.

The use of this technical equipment is only as good as the operator.

Our staff are trained to a very high standard on both the engine systems and the diagnostic equipment.

With computerised fuel injection also comes a large price tag:

The replacement of faulty or dirty injectors could cost as much as R1,200.00 per injector!

At a fraction of the cost, SAC can restore dirty or faulty fuel injectors to original specification, using the best, state-of-the-art equipment available in the world.


Diesel Injector Refurbishing

Diesel Powered Engines today are not the same as they used to be.

Most manufacturers today, produce diesel engines that can rev up freely to 4500 or even 5000 rpm.

Some produce similar and some more power than petrol high performance engines, especially when turbocharged. We at SAC believe that 40 000 km is a good mileage to service your vehicles injectors. In our opinion at SAC, Diesel Engines, Normally Aspirated or Turbocharged, are high performance power plants and need to be well maintained and properly tuned.

While an engine is running, the injector is continuously exposed to excessive temperatures inside the combustion chamber. Any mechanical component, which operates in and around temperatures in excess of 800ºC, will definitely take a hammering and will certainly deteriorate as time goes by. Most of the diesel injectors used in bakkies and wagons today are completely mechanical and are controlled by a spring with highly pressurized diesel.