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You hear names like, Lube Service, Minor & Major Service, Intermediate Service, A, B & C Service, 100 000 km & 200 000 km Service to mention only some of the terms you will come across in the industry.Your car’s service book makes it no easier to understand what you are getting or paying for.

The service is merely listed and you simply book your car in for that and assume that everything is being taken care of. But is it? Very often if we ask, how long since you serviced your car?

Surprise yourself and phone for some quotes!
SAC can rebuild your car engine to exact specification.

A well-engineered engine with a flowed, big-valve cylinder head and custom-designed exhaust system upgrade will exceed all expectation.

In consultation with the owner, SAC will work its magic on an engine to produce maximum performance coupled with excellent reliability.

In our economic times today, it will sometimes become necessary to spend some money on tuning older vehicle to prolong its existence and save huge amounts of money.

Repairing a car engine today is a costly exercise, especially when you want to go to the next level or enjoy a few more luxuries, which are often offered in a similar new model.

By spending a small amount of money we could remanufacture a car engine to the engines original factory specifications or for a small amount more we can just as easily upgrade your vehicle’s engine while rebuilding it, saving you rands and cents which could be spent on a few cosmetic changes.


There are many workshops and so-called engineers out there today who claim that they can build engines for almost next to nothing, be warned – “Penny wise, pound foolish!!!”

In most cases the car engine uses more water and oil than before the rebuild.

When rebuilding / tuning a engine at SAC, we use only the best parts and automotive engineers in the business and are therefore not afraid to back our work with a warranty of 6 months/20 000kms after which we won’t run away or close the doors in the event of a claim.

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