SAC Service, Maintenance & Repair Options

Diesel Particulate Filters
A blocked or damaged diesel particulate filter or (DPF) as they are well known in the industry can be extremely costly to repair and will often cause your vehicle to go into a “limp me home”…

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance, Service & repairs to petrol & diesel cars, 4x4s, SUVs and trucks.

Mechanical Repairs

Expertise for mechanical repairs on almost any vehicle available on the market.

Exhaust repairs

Performance Free Flow Exhausts, Catalytic converters, Exhaust branches, headers, manifolds.

Turbo Replacements & Repairs

SAC can repair the wastegate by using a special insert, which is machined into the turbo housing.
SAC Service Packages
What a service is called today is confusing to say the least. SAC Branches provide 3 service packages.

SAC Workshops

Points to ponder upon before choosing the best workshop.

Removal of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system

The term EGR often dissapears among the other three letter acronyms in your vehicle handbook. But unlike those such as ABS, ESP, SRS and CDI, removing the EGR could actually help your vehicle’s engine, not harm it.

How age and mileage can affect your vehicle

Just as humans age and require special care over time to remain healthy, so does your vehicle.

Toyota D-4D Diesel Injector and Turbo Charger Repairs and Replacements

SAC are the specialists when it comes to Toyota D-4D diesel injector & turbocharger replacement and refurbishing.

Engine Rebuilding

SAC can rebuild your engine to exact specification.

Replacement Exhaust Systems

The existing exhaust system is replaced with a custom built free-flow system.

Diesel Pump Repairs

When it comes to diesel pump repairs, 95% are related to inadequate lubrication.

The SAC Experience

We are well aware that choosing a workshop and having your car worked on is not an experience that is looked forward to by most.

Beat the high cost of servicing your “out of warranty or motor-plan” vehicle

Hands up everyone who loves servicing their vehicles regularly. That dreaded service normally falls due just as your little princess asks for a pony party, the DSTV breaks, your geyser bursts or the fridge stops working.

Diesel Injector and Turbo Charger Repairs and Replacements

For your BMW, Ford Ranger, Isuzu KB, Mazda BT 50, Mitsubishi Colt or Triton and VW Golf, Polo, Jetta or Amarok.

Routine Servicing

Vehicle Service, Repairs & Maintainenance to Petrol & Diesel Motor Cars, 4x4s, SUVs & Bakkies.

Troubleshooting & Diagnosis

Remember things do go wrong and if they do you don’t need to be in trouble.

Injector Refurbishing

SAC can restore dirty or faulty fuel injectors to original specification.

Koni Shock Absorbers

Specially designed for each and every application without any compromise to quality and durability.

Reading This WILL Save You Money

By contacting a SAC sales consultant when your car or bakkie has suffered a major mechanical failure, you WILL save money.

Service, Repairs & Maintenance