Steve’s Auto Clinic and TSW have joined forces and produced an aggressive little sports van that is sure to turn heads.

The result of this venture is the smartest looking Opel Corsa Utility 160iS on our roads – which goes as fast as it looks.

On the motor side, Steve’s Auto Clinic has pushed the power up by a respectable 39%, from 46kW to 64kW on the front wheels.

The cylinder head is gasflowed and the electronics dynamometer matched and tuned. A banana branch and larger diameter free-flow exhaust system is fitted.
Resultant top speed has been increased from 164 km/h to 180 km/h, with accelaration levels leaving parallel black lines on the road.
When it comes to ride and handling, sportier coil springs and shocks have been fitted to cope with the extra performance and improve the road holding.
In addition, a choice of TSW alloy wheels is available shod with sporty rubber from Tiger Wheel & Tyre.
Cosmetically, there is a more efficient front spoiler and side skirts, which together with the wing mirrors, front and rear bumpers, wheel arch covers and front grille cover, are all colour coded.
Performance Comparison Chart:
Standard Opel Corsa Utility 160iS SAC Opel Corsa Utility 160iS
Maximum Power: 46kW (on the wheels) Maximum Power: 64kW (on the wheels)
Top Speed: 164,6 km/h Top Speed: 178,9 km/h
0-100 km/h: 12,4 seconds 0-100 km/h: 10,5 seconds
Quarter Mile: 18,1 seconds Quarter Mile: 17,4 seconds
Performance tests carried out at Gerotek on the highveld.
The tuners wish to point out that for the purposes of this comparison, all top speed runs were carried out on a banked oval track, but slightly higher speeds should be attainable on a flat road.