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Why do we test cars – whether standard or modified — when we can ascertain what their ‘real world’ power and torque is by running them on a dynamometer? Well, as much as SAC believes in dyna testing and tuning, consumers believe emphatically in numbers, and – while it is not necessarily the best measure of a vehicle’s performance capability – the 0 – 100 km/h acceleration test in particular.

To this end, SAC Holdings has not only invested in its own high-tech testing equipment, but also makes use of the services of Roadworks, a company which has vast experience in the field of product testing.

Roadworks and Holdings use similar test equipment (the acclaimed Racelogic VBox, which uses the network of global positioning satellites to determine vehicle speed), which is also used by many magazines and motor manufacturers around the world. In recent years, the majority of SAC conversions have been put to the test at Gerotek, a former military test facility outside Pretoria which enables testing to be carried out in an accurate and repeatable manner under strictly controlled conditions. The result is information that you, the customer can believe in.