SAC are AA Quality Assured

Many customers end their relationship with their dealers once their vehicles are out of warranty, but still require the need for quality aftermarket service experience. This is where the Automobile Association’s Quality Assured (AAQA) accreditation program and Steves Auto Clinic come into play.

The AA sends out a team of quality assurance personnel to scout the country for prospective partners across a wide range of services to ensure that the motoring needs of their members as well as the general members of the public are properly catered for.

Their service provider partners range from auto body repairers, vehicle maintenance and repair centres to auto electricians, locksmiths, accessory fitment centres as well as a number of specialist repair centres.

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SAC and the AAQA

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An initial audit is conducted to ensure that the prospective partner’s facilities and service will be on standard with regular reviews to ensure that the partners not only comply with their stringent quality assurance requirements but also deliver the expected service that will ensure customer satisfaction.

The AAQA was introduced to help you the motorist to easily identify and choose a quality workshop like SAC in which you can place your trust.

The AA was basically designed to protect and support the motorist ensuring that you get fairly treated. The AAQA was instituted in 1995.

The main objective was to create a benchmark for workshops to adhere to and instill peace of mind for motorist when choosing and dealing with a workshop. To deal with an AAQA accredited workshop gives you peace of mind knowing they we been evaluated, audited and are found to be of the highest standard.

It further allows you to discuss the service you received with the AAQA as an independent expert and if required facilitate an amicable and fair solution should a problem arise.


Most motorists are not technical orientated and can easily get mislead, but the AAQA provides technical knowhow and expertise to the man on the street. The selection of AAQA workshops are based on the manner in which they do business and the service they deliver to the clients on a daily basis.

Audits are conducted on the workshops on regular intervals and the scores obtained monitored to ensure only the best quality workshops are accredited. For the motorist peace of mind knowing you are dealing with experts and technically competent technicians using sound business principals is priceless. The AAQA accredited workshops set the standard in the industry, and this is what you can expect from SAC.

The AA has, for over the past 80 years, provided key road services and championed the consumer cause across a number of fronts in South Africa. Whether it is in the automotive environment or lobbying Government, the AA has always strived to uphold and further not only its member’s interests but also those of the motoring consumer in South Africa. They have built a solid reputation over this period and are today seen as a leading automotive authority by consumers in South Africa.