There is no catch to this statement, by contacting a Steves Auto Clinic sales consultant when your car or bakkie has suffered a major mechanical failure like a blown turbo or snapped cambelt, you WILL save money by considering the various alternative repair or replacement options they have to offer you!
How often does it happen today that when your vehicle suffers a major mechanical failure, you take it straight back to the agents, even if the car is out of its forced upon you warranty period?

All too often is the answer and this is a very costly habit.
How many of you have been told that there is nothing they can do other than replace the likes of the turbo when you are having trouble or the entire engine for that matter when the cambelt has snapped or jumped a tooth?
The number thrown around after that normally starts around R20 000 for a turbo replacement and beyond R100 000 for an engine.
Who now days can truly afford to throw that sort of money back into a vehicle, especially over above your monthly instalment, fuel bill and insurance?
The worst part of this scenario is that even once you have found the money to effect this repair, are you 100% confident that the failure won’t occur again?
What caused your turbo to blow?
Why did your cambelt fail?
If this has not been determined, you can be assured you WILL suffer the same failure again!
And that part that should raise the most concern is the fact that most of these failures happen as soon as your vehicle is out of warranty.
Some food for thought on this point, why is that the agents insist on longer and longer service intervals like 15 000 km for turbodiesels and 150 000 km for a cambelt change as simple examples, but they only warrant their cars for around 100 000 km.
The agents take no responsibility for what happens after this when in fact most of the wear and tear damage would have been done in the initial 100 000 km.
The good news for you the consumer is that the highly trained technicians at SAC are not only able to competently advise you on doing minor and cost effective oil and filter changes more regularly, as too when to change critical wear and tear items so as to avoid big repair bills, they are also able to mostly repair and refurbish to like new condition the damaged bits concerned, and thus save you a fortune in the process.
But the effort in finding their customers reasonable solutions do not end here, they are also able to replace parts and source alternative supplier new parts that will also save you money, whilst offering you many more miles of happy trouble free motoring at a fraction of the price.