Times have changed. In years gone by, not so very long ago, if you had a bakkie it was to carry a load and your saloon was the family transport. Those few who ran a 4×4 as well, used it for high days and holidays into the bush. Of these, only the family saloon was able to drive in relative comfort and at moderate speeds.
Today things are different: A single vehicle is expected to do all these tasks, and more: One vehicle to take the kids to school, then off to a business lunch and on the weekend to tow a ski-boat for two hours at 120 kph and then pull it out of a steep, muddy slipway.

We get so much more out of our vehicles these days and in doing so more power, torque and better economy is not just a desire, it has become a necessity.
How easy is it for the vehicle owner to choose a tuner? Not easy at all! Tuning experts all over the country each have their own theory of what more power is all about. Combining this with an already complex subject often leaves the vehicle owner confused and ultimately uninformed. SAC has enhanced the performance of tens of thousands of vehicles and has a superb track record of success.
A few factors that should influence your decision.

  • Automatic versus manual vehicles
  • Do you tow?
  • A slow driver or a fast one?
  • A conservative driver or a hard driver?
  • A outdoors person?
  • Fuel consumption junky or don’t really care?

I want more power – Usually this is because you want to have the ability to accelerate quicker and drive faster. The possible consequential increase in fuel consumption is of little importance. Also you would be aware of your vehicle’s power curve and would be happy to adjust your driving style accordingly.

I need more power – This is often the case when a vehicle has been accessorised and or gets well loaded and it struggles to maintain an acceptable cruising speed or battles to pass slower traffic. Towing a heavy trailer also falls into this category. Very often drivers who fall into this category only want to achieve what a friend’s vehicle can do, all be it with a different vehicle. There are many factors to watch out for.
I want better fuel consumption – This conservative approach does not really fit well with someone who wants or needs more power. Generally, if you need more power, more fuel is going to be consumed in achieving it.