Popular Performance Conversions at SAC

Popular performance conversions at Steve’s Auto Clinic (for up to 30% more power):

1. Petrol (naturally aspirated) Stage 1, 2 and 3 conversions
2. Petrol turbo: Chip & downpipe or exhaust conversions
3. Turbo diesel plug & play and exhaust conversions
4. Turbo diesel intercooler conversions
5. Toyota Land Cruiser 4.2D (76-78-79 series)
6. Turbo diesel optimizations

Do your homework well:

  1. Unichip vs. other performance chips on the market.
  2. Stage 1 Conversion: Still the best bang per buck.
The last two years or so have seen a number of new bakkies and cars released onto the market. We have been very busy doing our homework developing conversions for most of these models. Contact the SAC Outlet near you to find out what we can do on your new model.

Service, Repairs & Maintenance

Popular U-Connect Conversions

Just Plug it in & start Playing! – more unichip conversions.

· Tested Performance
· Up to 30% more Power
Invisible Installation
· Plug ‘n Play Connectors
Smoother Performance
More Torque

Popular Cylinder Head Conversions

 – more head conversions.

Popular Intercooler Conversions

 – more intercooler conversions.

Popular Toyota Conversions

 – more Toyota conversions.

Popular Volkswagen Conversions

 – more VW conversions.

Other Popular Conversions

 – more conversions.