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Bigger and Bolder

The all new 6th Generation Isuzu KB has a bigger bolder look, with smooth and well-proportioned styling. The vehicle’s wedge shaped profile imparts a muscular and sporty expression while at the same time providing a distinct aerodynamic advantage.

Power and Torque for the Isuzu Range

As with the previous generation Isuzu KB the new KB range is powered by a selection of advanced diesel and petrol engines. Featured in the range is an all-new 2.4 litre 16V DOHC petrol engine. This engine produces a maximum power of 112 kW at 5 200 rpm with 233 Nm of torque at 4 000 rpm.

Isuzu Bakkie Power Upgrades


Next up in the engine range is the 2.5 litre low pressure turbo diesel engine that provides 58 kW of power with 170 Nm of torque. The low pressure turbo configuration assists in producing good useable torque at low engine speed for excellent operating efficiency.

The proven 2.5 litre D-TEQ engine produces 85 kW of power at 3 600 rpm with a maximum torque of 280 Nm available from just 1 800 rpm. This engine offers excellent power, torque and operating economy derived from its advanced high-pressure, common rail fuel injection system and intercooled turbocharger.

The range topping engine in the new Isuzu KB range is the advanced 3,0 litre D-TEQ engine that also offers excellent power and torque from its advanced high-pressure, common rail fuel injection system, variable geometry turbo charger and intercooler. This upgrade results in a maximum power of 130 kW and 380 Nm. Contact the SAC Branch in your area for a Power and Torque upgrade on your Isuzu.

Isuzu KB 240 Petrol Upgrade Options

Isuzu KB Petrol UpgradesAs has always been the case at SAC we are able to offer the full range of Stage 1 and 2 power upgrade options for your Isuzu KB 240. Using the same principles we apply to the older Isuzu KB 320 and KB 350 V6 we can offer a power upgrade to suit any pocket.

SAC’s Isuzu power upgrades are the result of many hours of research and development, using sophisticated test equipment to monitor not only power output, but also, and most importantly, real-life drivability of the vehicle.

And as such all SAC Isuzu conversions offer the best possible combination of torque and power throughout the rev range, in order to provide a uniform power gain which is usable under everyday driving conditions. Smooth idling, acceptable and even better in most cases fuel consumption, efficient cold starting and normal operating temperatures, just as you would expect, remain unaffected by going the tried and tested SAC route.

You can do this in stages or opt for the full house Isuzu power upgrade package that includes the likes of the fitment of a performance exhaust branch, free flow exhaust, performance air filter, air box mod, speed limiter removal if required, and precise engine mapping via a UniChip and see an increase in power from 10% to 35%.

Should you want to go even further you can opt for one of our precision gas flowed cylinder heads as the cylinder head is in fact the most important area to consider by the serious tuner when looking for extra power. For Isuzu KB240 Petrol Upgrades contact the SAC Branch in your area.


Isuzu KB 250 & 300 D-TEQ Turbodiesel Upgrade Options

For the Isuzu KB 250 and KB 300 D-TEQ your choices are somewhat simpler. You can simply opt to plug in and start playing with our U-Connect Plug & Play unit. The U-Connect Plug & Play unit simply plugs into the vehicles standard ECU Connectors without cutting the original wiring.

You simply unplug the original ECU wiring and install this system between the male and female plugs. All the necessary original male and female plugs are included in the harness and you can remove and refit the unit as often as you want as once it is removed, no footprint or trace of the original installation is left behind in the ECU.

Isuzu KB350 D-TEQ Diesel UpgradeThe U-Connect Plug & Play unit has been programmed specifically to enhance your vehicle’s performance under the tough and unique SA conditions and takes into consideration all relevant altitude and temperature factors.

You can expect results on your Isuzu KB 250 D-TEQ that sees the power increase from 85 kW up to around 96 kW and the torque jump from 280 Nm up to around 330 Nm. And the Isuzu KB 300 D-TEQ go from 130 kW to around 145 kW and from 380 Nm up to around 440 Nm.

And if you want even more, you can opt for an entry level, mild steel over the counter type performance free flow exhaust system, to a full stainless steel bespoke performance offering.

Click here to contact the SAC branch nearest you as we offer you the best deals on power upgrades on Isuzu’s KB 240, KB 250 and KB 350 D-TEQ.

Free Flow Exhaust

Ask our professional sales team about adding an free flow exhaust for extra power.