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performance Valves

In real terms cam belts are far better, they have less friction and are far lighter thus more efficient, but they break. In most cases when a cambelt fails while driving your vehicle there is substantial engine damage especially to the head and valves.

On most of the later model vehicles there is no auto after market or auto “pirate” valve available for replacement and the genuine part is normally unaffordable.

A 16V head for example that has suffered cambelt failure could end up needing 16 new valves, and if they cost around R350 each that would be R5,600 just for new valves.

In some cases replacement valves are as much as R500 each, not to mention the repair of the head and or engine. You need to be aware of what is available and at what cost.

The valve is one of the key components in a 4 stroke engine which is why you should be wary of using cheap no name brands imported from who knows where in the world.

A valve moves fast and comes dangerously close to the piston in an engine, and if a valve fails the engine would normally be destroyed almost beyond repair.

With around two thousand heads passing through our work shop every year each one with no less than 8 valves in them, some as many as 40 valves i.e. 5 valves per cylinder V8 Audi for instance, we are confident that we understand valves.

Replacing broken, worn or bent valves can become a costly exercise especially when using genuine parts. SAC Engineering can supply valves for almost any application, most times at a fraction of the cost of genuine replacement ones.

We have in house facilities to polish, undercut, swirl finish, tip harden, re-groove and lighten all valves. We can do stem size reduction conversions, big valve conversions even titanium lightweight conversions.


For replacement valves, there is always more than one option

  • Replace with the original standard one
  • Replace with a after-market standard one “cheapy”
  • Use a modified from standard replacement
  • A hand finished swirl polished “Ex standard valve”
  • Stainless steel one piece swirl polished special valve
  • Race finished one piece light weight stainless steel valve
  • Replacement titanium light weight racing valve

This mentions only a few options, don’t get caught out rather give us a call if you are not sure.

Each of the above options would normally be priced differently.

We have a wide range of Replacement Valves in stock and would like to advise you of the best option for your application.

Click here to printout a blank template that you can use to give us all the dimensions, fax it to us and we can quote accordingly.

For more information or info that you cannot obtain from one of our SAC outlets please feel free to contact SAC Engineering – Tel: +27 016 981 1033.