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Contact Steves Auto Clinic for the professional installation of a performance exhaust system, as this is one of the most popular items to consider during a vehicle performance enhancement project.

A standard exhaust system and tail piece is often replaced with a performance exhaust system and custom tail piece for the following reasons :

  • The finish and look of the tailpiece can be made to enhance the look of your newly performance enhanced vehicle.
  • It captures and enhances the sound of your engine.
  • It disposes of exhaust gases more efficiently.
  • It results in less pressure build up in the exhaust system and therefore increases the amount of horse power that can be produced from your vehicle.

There is a general misconception about what the correct size of a performance exhaust system should be though . Many people that enhance their vehicles themselves often use the biggest size pipe and tailpiece available as it looks more dramatic and intimidating. The fact of the matter is that installing an oversized exhaust system could lead to various problems with your vehicle’s performance .



Some problems associated with installing an oversized performance exhaust system:

  • An oversized performance exhaust can dramatically result in a loss of power throughout your engine’s power range.
  • This will also result in less torque being made and therefore less performance.
  • This is because the oversized exhaust slows down the flow of the gasses out of the engine where a correctly sized performanceexhaust will in turn increase the flow and performance.
  • An intricate balance must therefore be created by also looking at the intake and engine capacity when installing an oversized performance exhaust system.
  • Proper silencers should also be used to prevent any overbearing engine noises becoming an issue on a personal and legal front.

Only select a performance exhaust system of no larger than say 38mm to 50mm when applying to a vehicle with an engine size less than 1600 cc and only up to a 50mm to 63mm for vehicles of 2000 cc and up. A twin system should be used for the latter.

Steves Auto Clinic has a dedicated and well trained team of performance exhaust system specialists in Gauteng, Johannesburg and other branches throughout the country to custom build you an exhaust system for almost any application in mild steel and / or stainless steel.