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SAC and the Automotive Airfilter

SAC has a long history with automotive airfilters. Early in “2003” Marinus Kuyl, co-owner of SAC Kyalami Petrol division innovated yet again.

Being in the motor industry for so long now and experiencing all the difficulties which arise from using aftermarket replacement air filters and the distributors / installers, Marinus put pen to paper and decided he was going to produce a cost effective special range of automotive airfilters.

There were however a few key-issues:

  • Availability
  • Limited filters were available for new SA-models
  • Performance gains
  • Sealing ability and ease of fitment

Obviously there were many more issues to contend with but having spent the last five years gaining extensive knowledge in the automotive airfilter industry.


Marinus set a goal to produce the best South African range of good quality foam airfilters and air induction kits available.

Air filter development will continue and as per usual at SAC, the market will be determined by the consumer need.

Sportflo performance airfilters are available for most popular South African vehicles and the range is growing fast!

Click Here to view the list of vehicles.

You can contact your nearest SAC-outlet, preferred distributors and installers, for pricing and let them tailor you a special performance package.

The last filter you will buy for your vehicle

Sportflo filters are made up of two layers of specially developed and designed reticulated polyurethane foam together with a full size plated metal support which keeps the filter tight and rigged.

The soft flexible rubber seal keeps the filter together and seals out any unwanted dust or foreign objects at the filter box joint or sealing edge.

When the new airfilter is treated with a polymer fluid, which progressively filters out even the finest particles of dust or dirt without restricting the airflow.

If you are looking for prices on Sportflo airfilters, contact the SAC outlet neat you.