Out of warranty car repairs and service centres

Beat the high cost of servicing your “out of warranty or motor-plan” vehicle

Hands up everyone who loves servicing their vehicles regularly.

That dreaded service normally falls due just as your little princess asks for a pony party, the DSTV breaks, your geyser bursts or the fridge stops working.

From experience you know that the service will be done well. But in an era where dealers have service profit targets, you feel that your out-of-warranty vehicle is payday for most of the other cars that are serviced under a service plan.

But what are your alternatives?

You could go to that service shop behind the fuel station. Do they have all the modern diagnostic equipment, the right oil and the right set of tools to loosen, tighten and tune everything to spec on a modern bakkie, SUV, car or station wagon. And if the sparks fly, do they have the capital and character to fix what they have done wrong?

Steve’s Auto Clinic (SAC) has serviced out of warranty vehicles for over 30 years. Its national network of independently owned centers service petrol and diesel vehicles across all brands and share their insights on wear-and-tear patterns, service solutions, diagnostic challenges and fine-tuning on a world-class dealer support platform.

They have access to modern diagnostic equipment and have a full understanding of engine management systems and error codes. Importantly, all SAC service centers can service injectors, cam belts and clutches, etc. They also have access to SAC Engineering – the cylinder head specialists – so no part of this work needs to leave the dealer to go to an unknown third-party.

While your vehicle is in for a service at an SAC dealer it goes without saying that the team would collectively make recommendations outside of normal service and repair work that would usually include performance improvement upgrades and or Dyna tuning and testing.

SAC has one of the longest uninterrupted AA Quality Approval accreditations and is part of the RMI. All its workmanship is guaranteed.