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All Test Figures displayed on this website were obtained at Highveld altitude.
These figures may differ from vehicle to vehicle.
The power figures have been corrected back to flywheel power.

Opel Astra Chip Tuning in South Africa
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Throughout the duration of taking your Opel Astra in for service and maintenance work, how often have you heard the phrase “Opel Astra chip tuning”? The chances are very good that you have, but do you actually know what chip tuning is?

In short, Opel Astra chip tuning is a modern innovation in electronic and computerised performance enhancement. All older types of vehicles had manually repairable engines and engine components. Almost anything could be fixed with a spanner and a screwdriver. With the advancement of technology within the automotive industry, all newer vehicles are fitted with a computerised engine management system, which is responsible for all signals sent to the engine itself. Along with this technology came features such as improved power, better fuel efficiency and smaller more powerful engines. Another factor that is also important to know is that any engine, however advanced, still needs the hands of a professional when it comes to servicing, maintenance or repairs.

Why choose Steves Auto Clinic for your Opel Astra Chip Tuning?

Reputable companies such as Steves Auto Clinic realised the importance of keeping up with the advancing technology and acquired all the necessary training, expertise and equipment to be able to perform what has now become an integral part of any Opel Astra owner’s vehicle care, Opel Astra chip tuning.

Opel Astra chip tuning is the task of connecting the vehicle’s computerised engine management system, downloading the information, enhancing the data that is called engine mapping, and sending the enhanced performance information back to the engine management system. It is such an innovative service as it doesn’t require any wiring to be changed, it takes a matter of minutes and it sends enhanced signals to your engine in terms of fuel consumption, engine performance and increased power, features that were already in the engine’s computer but had not been optimised in the manufacturing process.

Of course this task must be performed by an Opel Astra expert, as when the wrong information such as over-enhancing is sent to the vehicle’s engine, it could result in engine damage and ultimately irreparable engine failure.

So when next you are looking for a reputable provider of Opel Astra chip tuning in Kyalami, Gauteng , do not hesitate to call Steves Auto Clinic at 011 466 2050 and be rest assured that you are in the hands of the best Opel Astra chip tuning specialists in South Africa .