Have you given any thought to what the real mileage is of your car?
And no we are not talking about whether the salesman you bought it from was being honest of not.
Have you ever considered that while you car is sitting stuck in traffic, the odometer is not turning over, but your engine certainly is?
And let us be straight, being stuck in traffic is a daily nightmare for us all, and it is here that unrecorded wear and tear is happening to your car’s engine.

Manufacturers are increasing their service intervals all the time too, and it is not uncommon to buy a new car now that comes with a 30 000 km service interval period.
Based on current traffic patterns, you are spending the equivalent of about 17 full extra days on the road in a year. And this is in completely low speed, stop start, engine-killing conditions and must be added to the physical mileage you are doing.
So that reading on your odo, is not a true reflection of what is really going on inside your motor.
And the person who buys this car soon after it is out or warranty or motorplan, is the one to normally feel the costly impact of this when they have repair or replace a worn engine.
Outside of the increased wear and tear you are living with, not changing your oil and filter regularly also results in decreasing the efficiency, power, and overall performance of your car, and this in turn adds to your ever increasing motoring budget due an increase in fuel consumption.
Rather spend a few extra rand now on changing your oil and filter more regularly, you could save yourself a fortune in the long run.
Food for thought, isn’t it?