Most powerful performance chip

Tried, tested and tops – the Unichip

If you are a bakkie enthusiast, you have an exciting year ahead of you.

According to news reports, we will see the introduction of several new bakkies and SUVs in the new year, including the new Toyota Hilux, Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Triton, Fiat’s Mitsubishi-based Fullback and the new Nissan Navara.

With so much choice in the market, I expect a flood of fireside debates about the virtues and vices of each of the new pick-ups, followed by magazine shoot-outs, market comparisons and no end to the statements from vehicle manufacturers about why their bakkie is best.

Unichip vs other chips


There is of course one proven way that you can make sure your bakkie beats the rest. Over the past 16 years Unichip performance upgrade chips have unleashed huge power reserves from the engines of bakkies such as the Hilux and Ford Ranger. According to Unichip more than 250 000 units have been installed in vehicles across the world and every month more units are shipped to customers in 60 countries across the world.

With such a global footprint, you can be sure that we are already testing the Unichip performance chip on some of next year’s pick-ups in other parts of the world where they are already available.

Most powerful tuning chip ever designed

The Unichip is not only the most powerful tuning chip ever designed, but it is developed in South Africa and is ready for our heat, dust and high altitudes. Throughout this history, Steves Auto Clinic has developed, programmed and fitted thousands of Unichips and we will most certainly do so when the new pick-ups arrive.

To understand our affinity for the Unichip, you must understand what most performance chips are designed to do. If you fit one of the off-the-shelf performance chips, you get a mass produced chip with a number of resistors that are set to open the throttle wider and increase fuel pressure.

These chips have no inherent ‘intelligence’ and that surge of power you now experience soon becomes a headache as the increased fuel pressure leads to higher operating temperatures, strain on engine components such as the clutch and gearbox and a shorter operating life because the chip cannot differentiate between a cold early-morning engine and a warm, highway-driving one.

More than a chip – its a highly programmable computer

Enter the Unichip. To call it a chip is doing it a disservice, because it is in effect a highly programmable computer that is fitted between the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) and the various parts and components. This Unichip-computer receives the signals from the ECU, interprets them and in effect controls the entire vehicle.

By fitting a Unichip instead of one of the many directly imported off-the-shelf chips, you allow your vehicle tuner to fine-tune your performance upgrade to consider vehicle age, your needs, the way the engine cools itself, your optimal fuel consumption and your driving style. You can even programme several maps into one vehicle and choose your ideal map from inside the vehicle.

Here is one example: At Steves Auto Clinic we fit the new Unichip Q4 with five pre-programmed maps for your Hilux. Do you want to tow and need more low-end power? Select option 2. Are you parked somewhere and you are concerned for your bakkies safety? Select option 1, remove the selector and any would-be thief are stuck with a bakkie that has no power whatsoever. Late for your meeting and in need of some extra acceleration? Choose Option 5 and the D-4D engine gives you everything its got and then some.

By programming the Unichip for every type of vehicle, we take our 30+ years of vehicle servicing into consideration. We know what breaks or takes strain on every type of vehicle and we make sure the Unichip considers it. That is why the power delivery curve on a Unichip-equipped Land Cruiser looks much different to that on a Ford Ranger, and both owners know that they can look forward to many years of trouble free motoring.

To list all of the benefits of the Unichip would take up far too much space, so pop in to your nearest Steves Auto Clinic and chat to one of our trained service advisors about the many benefits of choosing a Unichip.

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