Bring your Isuzu into its own

The secret to more power

Did you know that there is between 70 & 100 Nm of additional torque waiting in the D-TEQ engine of your Isuzu KB300? With the new “Lekker Ou Jan” conversion kit from Steve’s Auto Clinic you are mere minutes away from unleashing that power!

The Lekker Ou Jan Conversion is the culmination of the testing and development of the Unichip with PowerPlug for Isuzu’s D-TEQ 3.0 turbo diesel engine. It utilises the full power of the Unichip and PowerPlug to not only optimise power delivery, but also to improve fuel consumption.


To bring out the best in the 3.0 D-TEQ, the engineering team at Steve’s Auto Clinic have programmed the top of the line Unichip Q4 to monitor and control multiple aspects of the engine at the same time. This is in stark contrast to most of the “off the shelf” performance upgrade chips, which simply increase fuel pressure, no matter the engine coolant temperature or boost pressure.

In the Lekker Ou Jan conversion, the Unichip Q4/ PowerPlug plug and play system controls fuel pressure, boost pressure with a timer control. It also allows for certain maps to override the fuel injector settings for improved fuel consumption or greater performance. The Unichip also monitors engine temperature to ensure that the D-TEQ remains at all times within its standard safety parameters, while delivering more power.

“With the Lekker Ou Jan conversion, we have utilised the full power of Unichip and the difference in engine performance will be immediately evident, thanks to an improvement of 30-40 kW in engine power up to 170 kW and a jump in torque from 380 Nm to around 490 Nm,” says Stephen Fischer, founder and CEO of the SAC Group.

The Isuzu D-TEQ’s additional power can also be easily controlled from inside the cabin, thanks to the inclusion of a Power Switch. The switch allows the driver to switch between different performance maps on the fly, choosing between different pre-programmed settings.


There are five standard performance maps pre-programmed into the Lekker Ou Jan conversion. The first map removes all engine power and ensures an additional layer of security when the vehicle is stationery. With this setting, the driver simply removes the Power Switch and carries it with him, leaving the vehicle almost impossible to drive.

The second map returns the Isuzu D-TEQ to standard, with no change in performance or fuel consumption, while a third map changes engine characteristics and performance to dramatically improve fuel consumption.

“By optimising engine performance, the driver should experience improved fuel consumption in any of the performance settings, but in Fuel Consumption mode the improvement can be as much as 15%, depending on environmental conditions and driving style,” says Fischer.

The remaining two maps offer the best in engine optimisation. One of these is a special 4×4 and Towing setting, which optimises torque delivery at low engine speeds for technical off road driving or when the Isuzu tows a heavy load. This setting should be ideal for people who chose the Isuzu for its high load and tow ratings, which remains one of the best in class.

In the final setting, the engineers at SAC come into their own and the D-TEQ delivers optimal power. In this setting, all latent power is made available to the driver, giving him a very rewarding driving experience, while maintaining engine durability and safe operating conditions.

Throttle boost added

As an additional feature, SAC has added a throttle boost option to the conversion. This additional control module ensures smooth acceleration and improved throttle response, regardless of engine speed and it removes the so-called flat spot that many D-TEQ owners have experienced when accelerating hard through the rev range.

“We chose the name “Lekker Ou” Jan as homage to the trusty old ‘plaasbakkies’ that we all know. From those early days, Isuzu has established itself as a manufacturer of trusty and reliable pick-ups and it remains a very popular option. Today, we allow owners to dramatically improve their driving experience, fuel consumption and performance, while maintaining the reliability that it has become known for,” says Fischer.