Get a performance upgrade on your Land Rover Discovery TD 5

One of Steves Auto Clinic’s performance enhancement divisions most preferred projects is the Land Rover Discovery TD5 Performance Upgrade. As we have had years of experience within the field of performance upgrades, here are a few examples of how our Land Rover Discovery TD5 Performance Upgrades can be compared to and found to be superior to all other Land Rover Discovery Performance Upgrade specialists throughout South Africa.

One of our most preferred tools for use during our Land Rover Discovery Performance Upgrades is the U-Connect Plug & Play Unit.

Far surpassing the performance quality of international Land Rover Discovery TD5 performance upgrade tuning chips, the U-Connect Plug & Play offers the following innovative features:

  • When set up to your vehicle’s engine, all the needed changes are done electronically through the Plug & Play unit itself with no changes having to be made to the engine’s OEM computer.
  • The Plug & Play unit leaves no electronic footprint, making it safe for use on any vehicle.
  • It is designed to keep all changes memorised so that there is no need to redo the whole process and re-program the unit when you just want to change or improve a small setting afterwards.
  • The Plug & Play unit is a standalone product and includes a plug-in wiring harness to perfectly match the connectors as installed on your vehicle by the manufacturer.
  • There is therefore no danger in damaging any wiring during the Land Rover Discovery TD5 Performance Upgrade process.
  • With total installation time being just a few minutes, you can have this Land Rover Discovery TD5 Performance Upgrade done as part of your regular service package or any other routine work.
  • As the Plug & Play unit is completely removable, it will not amount to many man hours stripping any engine parts or dismantling any component.
  • The U-Connect Plug & Play unit includes a two position switch and options of a standard map, upgraded map or multi-map. Bluetooth versions are also available to add convenience to the Land Rover Discovery TD5 Performance Upgrade.
We at Steve’s Auto Clinic pride ourselves in offering you the latest in technology regarding any Land Rover Discovery TD5 Performance Upgrade and we have therefore been rated one of South Africa’s most reputable Land Rover Discovery TD5 Performance Upgrade specialists. Call us today for a detailed, customised and competitive quotation.