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SAC Isuzu KB 300 D-TEQ


The Isuzu name has been linked to diesel engine technology for over 70 years and as such, these pioneers are ranked amongst the world’s largest producers of diesel engines. And just as these pioneers continue to break ground, so do the performance tuners at Steves Auto Clinic who themselves celebrate their 30th year as South Africa’s foremost aftermarket performance enhancers.

It is also fitting then that SAC has already launched a very cost effective, R6900 suggested retail price, performance upgrade package for the new Isuzu KB 300 D-TEQ that sees this South African favourite blow away the competition.

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SAC Isuzu KB 300 D-TEQ

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Fitted with a completely new 3.0 litre D-TEQ engine that produces a very decent 120 kW at 3600 rpm, along with 360 Nm of torque that is delivered over a rev range of 1800 – 2800 rpm, this popular bakkie produces good performance figures in stock standard trim.

The 0-100 km/h sprint is taken care of in just short of 13 seconds; the 1 km sprint comes up in 34 seconds at 150 km/h odd, and top speed stops at 175 km/h. But when fitted with a SAC PowerPlug, this all changes for the better. Now you might be wondering exactly what is a PowerPlug and how does it work on my vehicle?

In simple terms, the PowerPlug is a pre-wired unit in the form of a re-programmable piggyback computer that plugs into your vehicles standard Electric Control Unit. So there is no cutting and guessing with your vehicles existing and complicated wiring harness. This unit then allows one of SAC’s top-class tuners to fine-tune your vehicle on the dyna to local South African conditions whilst most importantly, not affecting any of the electronic safety parameters built into the engine’s ECU by manufacturers.

SAC Isuzu KB 300 D-TEQ

After this had been done, power and torque figures from the dyna should see your Isuzu make around 15% more power and 20% more torque.

Impressive stuff indeed and this gain is backed up not only by the massively improved drivability of the Isuzu, but your steady speed fuel consumption is improved too.


The raw data thrown out by the Isuzu KB 300 D-TEQ LX Double Cab 2×4 when independently tested at the high altitude of the world-renowned Gerotek testing facilities was even better.  0-100 km/h now comes up in less than 11 seconds, the 1 km sprint is down to 32 seconds at almost 160 km/h now, and finally the top speed, although this is a very arbitrary number in terms of everyday driving, is up to just over 180 km/h.

Performance Data
Sprint Times Standard
0 – 60 km/h: 5.33 secs 4.69 secs
0 – 80 km/h: 8.37 secs 7.26 secs
0 – 100 km/h: 12.81 secs 10.90 secs
0 – 120 km/h: 18.20 secs 16.17 secs
Quarter mile:
18.51 secs @
121.05 km/h
17.70 secs @
125.93 km/h
1 km: 34.15 secs @
150.75 km/h
32.60 secs @
159.10 km/h
60-100km/h (4th): 9.08 secs 8.02 secs
80-120 km/h (5th): 14.08 secs 11.93 secs
True Top Speed: 175.99 km/h 180.87 km/h

But what may count even more to many in the real, locally, traffic congested, world of constantly having to overtake large trucks and slow moving traffic out on the open road; is the fact that the overtaking times are greatly reduced at the same time.

The 60-100 km/h segment in 4th gear is now completed in 8 seconds as opposed to 9 seconds, which in turn is quite a large distance on the road.

The ever realistic, 80-120 km/h test in 5th gear is subsequently down over 2 seconds, and this translates into a massive saving of time on the wrong side of the road.

Should you want to transform your Isuzu bakkie or just want to know more about the world of performance motoring, click here to locate a SAC Branch near you.

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