Highflow Catalytic Converters

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At Steves Auto Clinic being known as the performance exhaust specialists is not only about making horsepower, it is also about being environmentally responsible. To this end, all SAC shops now offer Magnaflow high flow performance replacement catalytic converters that still do their job of reducing harmful carbon emissions while offering virtually no air flow restriction so as to maintain that hard earned extra performance.

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Highflow Catalytic converters

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highflow catalytic converters

Magnaflow Highflow Catalytic Converters


Catalytic converters are fitted to all new vehicles and are legally there to reduce harmful engine emissions, but they are very restrictive in standard trim and have a negative effect on potential vehicle performance.

Together with oxygen sensors and other engine management components; this system works to reduce the harmful emissions that exit via your vehicles exhaust. A catalytic converter (cat) contains two or more ceramic substrates, coated with a combination of platinum, palladium and rhodium and a ceria based wash coat, packed into a stainless steel housing. When operating at a temperature of 400°C and making use of a proper air / fuel mixture, the catalyst forces a chemical reaction thereby reducing the toxic gasses to less harmful ones.

Performance exhaust systems can be offered as a ‘cat back system’ whereby the exhaust is only fitted from after the cats while retaining the original restrictive units. But this type of exhaust system seldom results in the power increase we are looking for from an SAC performance exhaust or SAC power upgrade.

The other way is to remove the cats completely and fit a device that is known as a ‘cat fooler’ to try and fool the engine management systems to stop the engine check lights coming on. But this has been done with varying degrees of success as they don’t always work as they should and can result in an underperforming vehicle a little way down the road.


But just as in most cases in the performance enhancement industry, we at SAC need to lead and do the right thing when it comes to the environment and our planet.

So we have done extensive research on the subject and we first decided to try Magnaflow’s recommended replacement cats, but only to find that they were in many ways too similar to the original equipment fitted to the vehicles that we are upgrading in terms of weight and restriction.

We then settled on the Magnaflow high flow performance replacement cats that are widely used throughout the rest of the performance world without sacrificing the planet. There is still a great deal of research to be done regarding these products, especially around diesel powered vehicles and the all important legislation, now and in the future. We will keep you up to date on this topic.

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